Today's plight calls for every Filipino to show their 'alaga' for the country in their own way


Posted at May 28 2020 04:27 PM | Updated as of May 28 2020 05:43 PM

Today's plight calls for every Filipino to show their 'alaga' for the country in their own way 1
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As early as pre-school, children are taught to pay due respect to their country by teaching them to pledge allegiance to it for the rest of their lives, singing the national anthem with pride, and honoring memorials of esteemed heroes that fought for the freedom they are enjoying today.

Now, more than ever, our fidelity to our country is being challenged. We are being called to fight for our health and safety as a nation. Amid the ongoing situation we are facing today, we need to be united to protect each other.

So how can each citizen help? They can begin by following the three S's to best serve the Philippines in their own little way.

Staying healthy

Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness is not a habit that benefits the doer alone. Looking at the bigger picture, it most benefits the community they are in.

''You cannot give what you do not have,'' so the saying goes. When you wish to save people from hopelessness, hunger, or negligence, be sure that you are in the proper condition as well. Healthy bodies and healthy minds are essential in delivering services and making sure that objectives are met without collateral damage. The salvation of a hundred for the price of one human life is not a victory in itself. Look after yourself before extending help and assistance to your community. Only then will a series of positive consequences be celebrated by everyone with no exceptions.

To keep yourself in top shape in a catastrophe-hit environment, immunity must definitely be a priority, and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet promotes exactly this. While keeping vitamin C intake in check, it is essential to incorporate other vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and iron in your diet as well, which are also shown to play a role in supporting a healthy immune system. Food that are high in these nutrients include fatty fish, egg yolks, mushrooms, spinach, meat, oats, and more.

Fish and nuts also provide heart-healthy essential fatty acids that serve as building blocks of the immune system. Maintaining an active lifestyle with sufficient quality sleep and physical activity will help to keep the immune system strong and healthy.

Sharing lessons of alaga at sakripisyo

Planting the seeds of courage and public-spiritedness in your children is an act that will stick with them as they grow. Research after research, experts reveal who inspires children the most are those closest to them, of whom they completely trust. When parents portray acts of bravely care and sacrifice through their actions, this is taken and acknowledged by their biggest fans – their kids.

Filipino mothers across the country brave these uncertain times with fortitude and selflessness to serve the country despite the risks. They gear up as reliable health workers, police officers, client-facing employees, relief packers, couriers, and more. These frontline mothers are not only taking care of their homes, but the entire country too.

''Gusto ko ituro sa mga anak ko na masaya na nakakatulong ka sa kapwa mo,'' said Kristine, mother, and nurse from Camarines Sur.
(I want to teach my children that it is fulfilling to help other people.)

Watch as they serve the Filipino people the best way they know how.


Supporting initiatives that benefit health workers and frontliners

It is fortunate that with digital technology, information is now more accessible than ever. With social media filled with companies and organizations contributing their respective strategies to help improve the situation, more are able to lend a helping hand even when at home.

Coupled with influencers who encourage their followers to partake in these meaningful plans of action, they too have played their part effectively by being active and empathetic to the needs of others.

Forward these movements by participating in them or simply by sharing them with the people around you and motivating them to do so. Remember that spreading constructive measures to combat the matter at hand is more fruitful and helpful than disseminating hate-filled agenda.

Among such initiatives is that of one of the trusted milk brands, Lactum 3+6+’s, where for every Lactum 3+ and 6+ purchase online until May 31, P50.00 will be donated to support affected families. For the list of online partners, visit Lactum 3+ and 6+ official Facebook page. Per DOH-FDA CFRR Permit No. 0584 s. 2020

Instead of feeling fearful and defeated, join in the effort led by brave and selfless citizens who look ahead to the future with hope, compassion, and readiness. Our most desired conclusion is not a work of just one institution, one community, nor one person – it is the work of individuals, Filipinos from every corner of the country, coming together as one body.

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