5 fun activities you can do with your kids at home

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Posted at May 28 2020 09:12 AM

5 fun activities you can do with your kids at home 1
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While everyone is at home, parents can make the most of this time to get closer with their children and get to know them better. They can foster an environment where their children feel that they can still enjoy their playtime while being in the comfort of their own homes. 

Here are five fun activities that parents and kids can enjoy at home:

1.    Make fun vlogs and dance covers

With your kids by your side, there is no need to be camera-shy. Step into the vlogging world and think of some safe, friendly, and entertaining video contents that you and your kids can have fun creating at home. You can showcase your talents by uploading dance and song covers on social media. Who knows, you may even be the next internet sensation!

2.    Donate food and other essentials

Extending a helping hand to others does not necessarily require you to go out of your home. There are plenty of opportunities at hand where you and your children can donate money and/or essentials. With just one click, you can already save lives and help the less fortunate communities during this challenging time. Not only can this kind act help others, but it will also set as a good example to your children so that they can grow to be generous and caring individuals.

One way to do so is through ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya's Pantawid ng Pag-Ibig program where you can help bring food and other basic necessities to your fellow Kapamilyas who cannot make a living due to the ongoing quarantine. To donate, click here

3.    Redecorate the house

5 fun activities you can do with your kids at home 2

Being stuck at home does not only call for the usual daily clean up. Why not totally revamp your home interior from the living room to your child's bedroom and give it a fresh new look? It can be as easy as rearranging furniture or as creative as painting a mural in certain areas.

As you do this, get your kids' opinions especially when it comes to their own room by asking them what theme they want to decorate it with or where to place their toys and other stuff. From there, unleash your family's creativity and resourcefulness as you go along the way. 

4.    Binge-watch rated G movies and series

5 fun activities you can do with your kids at home 3

If you want to pause for a lazy afternoon, you can still bond with your kids by binge-watching some child-friendly movies and series from free streaming sites and television. This can be a good opportunity for you to discover and appreciate your child's favorite cartoon characters so you know how to strike a conversation with them.

5.    Create fun-filled sandwich snacks

As you indulge in all these fun bonding activities, do not forget to make delicious snacks for the family with the help of your kids. It is a great way to keep everyone in the house energized and happy because as the saying goes: The way to someone's heart is through his or her stomach. Bond with your child in the kitchen while teaching them how to prepare their own meals. 

For starters, you can tune into Mommy Dimples Romana and her son Alonzo's #TogetherAtHome vlogs to learn how to make six easy and delicious sandwich recipes using Lady's Choice's Chicken and Ham sandwich spreads. Check out their sandwich recipe vlog series here

With all of these activities, surely, both parent and child can seize and relish every bonding moment at home and grow closer as a family.
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