Easy to make yummy options for your child's breakfast

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Posted at May 21 2021 01:28 PM

Eating a balanced breakfast is an important component of any child's daily routine. Especially for children who have a whole day of online classes to look forward to, a good morning meal can provide them with the essential nutrients, helping keep their energy levels up and focus on their studies better.

To help parents prepare a meal that is both yummy and nutritious, check out these easy breakfast ideas for your kids.

Scrambled egg with cheese

Easy to make yummy options for your child's breakfast 1

Eating eggs alone, while healthy, can be quite boring to children who are picky eaters. Add a bit of fun to the meal by including cheese in your scrambled eggs. It will add a depth of flavor that will be attractive to the kids. It is also a nutritious breakfast idea as both cheese and egg are good sources of protein.
Fried rice mix

Easy to make yummy options for your child's breakfast 2

Most Filipino families always have leftover rice, and the most common way to not put it into waste is by making it into fried rice. 

Fried rice is usually packed with different vegetables like carrots, cabbage, and Baguio beans. Parents can also mix shredded fish which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that can help improve cardiovascular health.

Bread and bacon

Easy to make yummy options for your child's breakfast 3

Who does not love bacon? When paired with bread which is rich in fiber like the whole wheat bread, it becomes a delicious morning meal for active kids. Make the bacon extra crispy and be sure to pat it with a paper towel to remove excess fat. 
Noodle soup

Another go-to breakfast for Filipinos is a bowl of hearty soup. Typically, soups or porridge like lugaw, pancit lomi,and batchoy are usually consumed in the morning in different regions of the Philippines. 

Soup can help children keep their stomachs warm and is especially comforting on cold mornings. 

Popular noodle brand Lucky Me! offers easy to prepare, flavorful noodle soups that will be a good option to start your kids' day with. 

Easy to make yummy options for your child's breakfast 4

Momshie Melai Cantiveros shared how she makes Lucky Me! Beef na Beef  and Chicken na Chicken more nutritious and exciting for her kids. 


Apart from consuming on its own, there are plenty of ways to make Lucky Me! Beef na Beef and Chicken na Chicken into a more nutritious and yummy breakfast choice for your kids.

Lucky Me! Instant Mami + Milk

Easy to make yummy options for your child's breakfast 5

Kids love drinking milk and that is a good thing as it is rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. With a balanced diet and exercise, these nutrients will also help children become more alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic, especially when attending their online classes. Adding milk to your usual noodle soup will add that extra creamy texture that blends well with the sweetness of milk and savory taste of noodles.
Include their favorite milk as you prepare either the Lucky Me!Chicken na Chicken or Beef na Beef flavor.

Lucky Me! Instant Mami + Vegetables

Easy to make yummy options for your child's breakfast 6

Lucky Me! Instant Mami can also be made more nutritious by adding a variety of vegetables such as cabbage, onion, leeks, and carrots, which are rich in potassium, antioxidants, and beta carotene. Not only will the veggies make the noodle soup nutritious, but it also makes the meal colorful and appetizing. So, if your kids have a hard time eating vegetables, adding them to their breakfast noodles is a good way to do so. 

Other vegetables like malunggay, pechay, sayote, and patola can also be added in Lucky Me! Beef na Beef and Chicken na Chicken  flavors.

Lucky Me! Instant Mami + Egg

Easy to make yummy options for your child's breakfast 7

You can also include egg in your kid's favorite noodle soup to make it more nutritious. Not only are eggs rich in protein, but it is also a good source of vitamin D and choline that helps in a child's bone, muscle, and brain development with balanced diet and exercise. This classic mixture is a sure go-to meal for everyone.

You can either fry an egg to put on top of the noodle soup or mix one whole egg in the broth. 

Easy to make yummy options for your child's breakfast 8

Help your kids to work well in their online classes by making exciting and nutritious morning meals to break their fast. A well-balanced, delicious meal can go a long way in giving them the energy to focus and study better. 

For more nutritious and yummy breakfast ideas, visit Lucky Me!'s Facebook page.

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