Hacks to smelling good this summer


Posted at May 21 2018 12:34 PM | Updated as of May 21 2018 03:52 PM

It's not enough that you take daily showers to fight off sweat and body odor—you need all around protection all day, every day.

With the intense heat and summer sun, you can't keep your guard down. Achieve lasting freshness and confidence with the newest Blackwater Deo Sprays. 

Here, we share with you hacks to extend that fresh feel and scent, and tips to further enjoy a feel-good #SmellGoodSummer!

1. DON'T SKIP THE SCRUB DOWN. In the same way that you shouldn't skip leg day at the gym, don't skip the crucial showers. Sweat and bacteria don't mix well and leads to body odor, so scrub down to get extra clean. 

2. SPRAY IMMEDIATELY AFTER SHOWERS. Fresh from the shower and with your skin still warm, spray on your preferred fragrance at target pulse points. These warm areas such as your armpits, chest, behind the knees, and calves will help diffuse the fragrance across your body throughout the day.

3. USE A HARDWORKING DEO SPRAY. Use Blackwater Deo Sprays which not only work to give you that fresh, energizing feel, but also protects you from odor-causing bacteria. Get that extra shield of protection you'll need to take on the heat. Keep cool even under the summer sun. 

4. STORE FRAGRANCES IN A COOL, DRY PLACE. To ensure that your deo spray and fragrances last, keep them away from heat, light and humidity. This protects the integrity of the active ingredients that fight odor-causing germs. 

5. SET THE TONE. Whether you're getting ready for a big date or just want that extra boost of confidence the next time you hit the town or beach, choose the right scent to set the mood. Feel free to switch it up with Blackwater's four new, energizing scents—Smooth Chaos, High Spirits, Dark Rebel and Dark Pleasure. 

For a sweet scent that’s still sexy, try Dark Pleasure which is an enticing mix of grapefruit, marine accord and woody-herbal scents. For something deep and earthy, the masculine notes of moss, subtly cut by light florals and citrus, make Dark Rebel the perfect fragrance for formal occasions. 

If you’re looking for something versatile enough for the everyday, High Spirits delivers with its unique blend of citrus notes, unique night-blooming flowers, leather, and cedarwood. Getting ready for a date? Smooth Chaos helps you feel suave with its light woody aroma. 

Make the most of the break and achieve a #SmellGoodSummer with Blackwater Deo Sprays! Stay cool, stay confident even under the summer heat.

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