Daily health essentials for a strong immunity


Posted at May 18 2022 02:00 PM

Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels

Health should always be a priority. To be able to successfully work on your career and enjoy all the things that you worked so hard for, you need to have a healthy body and live a balanced lifestyle. 

During the lockdowns around the country, most people took so much care of their bodies while staying at home, making sure that they take vitamins daily, sometimes even twice a day; people learned to exercise and choose the food they eat to keep their bodies fit. However, now that restrictions are easing and people are returning to work, it is important to be more cautious and double the body's protection. 

Boosting one's immunity is not an option, but should still be of top-priority. 

Different types of illnesses are still going around and people should not be complacent when it comes to their health.

So how do we prioritize boosting our immunity as we travel for work, meet people, run errands, and even go on leisure trips?

Here are a few tips that you might not have known that will help boost your overall immunity:

Give yourself time

Work is very important but so are rest and sleep. Take care of yourself by taking some time to rest, sleep, or enjoy nature for personal therapy. Remember that prevention is better than cure, so before you crash and burn, allot some time for adequate relaxation. 

Having a healthy mind is also essential to overall health, immunity, and providing quality of life.

Try going on an outdoor walk or run every once in a while. Just keep on moving, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy some quiet time. This helps you to relax and unwind so that you can feel recharged before pushing forward with your goals.

Keep your meals colorful and varied

To help ensure that your body is receiving the nutrients it needs and to help boost overall immunity, it is important to keep meals colorful and different daily. Eating the same thing every day may not exactly be beneficial for your health, as the body needs several kinds of nutrients for bodily functions.

For those who have a delicate palate and can only eat certain kinds of food, it might be time to be a bit more adventurous for your own health benefit. A study suggests that consuming a wide variety of food may help promote health, and protect against certain kinds of sicknesses.

The food that you eat affects your overall well-being, so make sure to eat a well-balanced diet and avoid eating plenty of fast food and processed products to prevent diseases caused by unhealthy eating habits.

Supplement your immunity

Not all supplements are the same. A supplement may claim to have both Vitamin C and Zinc, but the amount of each and the combination may differ, and even how the supplement was packaged. That is why it is important to research well about whatever vitamin supplement you plan on taking.

Choose a supplement that handles your health with care. Like this one where its single-serve flex foil protects each tablet from moisture, heat, and light to prevent discoloration and bloating. Video source: ImmunPro® Facebook page

(Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc) ImmunPro® is the most doctor-prescribed daily vitamin, as certified by IQVIA's Philippine Medical Data Index Report, that can help aid users in increasing their body's resistance to sickness and promoting an enhanced immune system, with proper diet and exercise. It has the ZincPlus® Tablet Technology that has a stable combination of Vitamin C and Zinc to protect your health. It was also formulated so that it can be easily absorbed by the body. 

Let us arm ourselves with various layers of protection through vaccination, wearing a face mask, proper hygiene, diet, exercise, and the most doctor-prescribed vitamin, (Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc) ImmunPro®. Boost your body's immune defense even as you go out and face the different challenges a new day will bring.

To know more about (Sodium Ascorbate + Zinc) ImmunPro®, visit its website and Facebook page. Do not forget to only purchase from trusted drugstores and retailers.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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