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Posted at May 15 2023 09:52 AM | Updated as of May 15 2023 03:54 PM

Photo source: Huawei
Photo source: Huawei

People nowadays are very keen on the gadgets and smartphones that they choose. The camera, design aesthetic, and performance of the phone need to be extraordinary for people to pick it out since there are tons of available options on the market. 

Here is how a gadget innovator provided a solution for those looking for an exceptional smartphone that suits every user's requirements:

Combining an extraordinary mobile camera, an elegant design, and a powerful performing gadget – they came up with the HUAWEI P60 Pro, a technology created for the ultimate smartphone experience. 

Night shots or low light photography and ultra-lighting main camera

Photo source: Huawei
Photo source: Huawei

Whether you just want to keep snaps and video clips of your special moments, a professional photographer, or a content creator, you want ultra-clear image quality.

HUAWEI P60 Pro engages the powerful XMAGE to bring the ultimate camera experience to its users. So, whether you are shooting at night or in lowlight scenarios your HUAWEI P60 Pro may handle any shooting setting.

Thanks to the Ultra Lighting XMAGE Main Camera, which has a full-path light intake – the light goes through an F1.4-F4.0 10 Size Adjustable Aperture flowing through a High Transmittance Lens Group then to a RYYB Sensor which results in a 191% light intake. Its Auto-Adjustable Physical Aperture also has Smart Switching capabilities that allow it to adjust to different shooting scenarios.

Those who love to travel may take beautiful scenic shots of the mountains and villages they visit in the afternoon or even after-dark. You may also take clear shots or portraits at the night market or banchetto, as you go on a food trip. 

Its F1.4 Aperture allows the camera to shoot sharp images even in dim-lit scenes. It is also the same aperture that allows users to take portraits with backgrounds that have a blurring effect which looks natural. At the same time, its F4.0 Aperture helps the camera stay focused from front to back even during group photos. Through the Auto-Adjustable Physical Aperture consumers may capture the 18-sided star effect that was previously available only on SLR cameras.

Commonly, consumers find it difficult to achieve the low-light high-quality images in usual mobile cameras, moreover it also lacks zoom capabilities of professional cameras. The HUAWEI P60 Pro addresses this issue through the Ultra Lighting XMAGE Telephoto Camera, which is equipped with F2.1 aperture – currently having one of the industry's largest apertures on periscope telephoto.

HUAWEI P60 Pro's ultra-powerful XMAGE also enables the smartphone to have an Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera feature – having a large light intake periscope telephoto allows the light to travel from the Ultra Lighting Lens Group F2.1 Aperture to the Long Travel Slide Zoom then to the RYYB Sensor resulting in a 488% light intake that results to more light and rich details, while also adding a Telephoto Anti-Shake Improvement of 58% which allows the camera to shoot a Super Moon Scene in clarity.

You can also get marvelous moon-lit vibe photos with the HUAWEI P60 Pro 200x zoom range which allows you to take crisp detailed shots from a distance. Even at 10x zoom you can already take photos of your night out, traveling to the night market, or take it to 15x zoom during a concert. 

You may also take portraits at night that may compare to the DSLR level shots by using the DSLR level Telephoto Portrait feature. This feature is also useful at any time of the day, or any place that you go to, whether indoors or outdoors, your portrait quality will remain clear, and crisp, with equal lighting. Especially when taking 3.5X portraits, you may get a natural blurred background.

Photo source: Huawei
Photo source: Huawei

Moreover, the powerful camera also allows you to take Tele Macro photos that may be used when taking photos of objects or living creatures that are too small for a regular mobile phone camera lens to handle. Take shots of plants, butterflies, or other small objects – this may also be useful for toy photographers and enthusiasts, so that their shots and clear even without edits.

Photo source: Huawei
Photo source: Huawei

Most importantly, when shooting super macros, you no longer have to be close to the target as you used to be. Using a telephoto to shoot super macros, focusing is easy and the shooting experience is natural and relaxed.

Photo source: Huawei
Photo source: Huawei

When taking charming pet photos, under the sea wonders, and shooting the sunrise and the sunset with all its colors, light, and shadows has also been made easy with just a click, no extra adjustments are needed just the HUAWEI P60 Pro with its XMAGE style that takes original, vivid, and bright shots.

Videos are also well-lit with its Ultra Lighting Video feature which allows you to shoot in as high as 4K quality, even in time-lapse mode. It also has an HDR Vivid Video, so that not only are photos original, vivid, and bright but videos as well. Users may also enjoy the Super Micro Time Lapse which may be used for nature shots and also the Telephoto Night Video which allows for a vivid and crisp video, even at night.

The HUAWEI P60 Pro has also revolutionized the all-new Camera UX which uses the Camera Zoom Ring that allows users to freely and easily zoom in on images, and making it easy for anyone to use, it also has a Camera Quick Menu which will allow users to operate the camera in a few clicks.

Photo source: Huawei
Photo source: Huawei

Exquisite, elegant, and enlightened design 

Aside from the camera, HUAWEI P60 Pro's design also does not fall far behind.

There is not one specific standard to beauty – it progresses over time and it is ever-changing. Much like the new HUAWEI P60 Pro which uses a natural mineral powder on the back of the smartphone creating agglomerate luster to achieve a one-of-a-kind natural mother-of-pearl texture called Rococo Pearl.

The mother-of-pearl harnesses the theory of beauty as it forms and treasures pearls in its long lifetime – it rebirths through time, and oils accumulate in the shell over the years which grows a natural texture. This is what inspired the creation of the HUAWEI P60 Pro's design in Rococo Pearl. Its designers combined handcrafted artisanal methods with modern production techniques to achieve a beautiful rendition of the natural mother-of-pearl texture and created an irreplicable mother-of-pearl material.

Each phone case is also unique from one another since each piece of mother-of-pearl has a different luster and surface texture, so each unit will not have exactly the same handmade mobile phone casing.

Another design of the HUAWEI P60 Pro is its Black version adopts an Anti-Fingerprint Feather-Sand Glass which feels as soft and delicate as a feather and yet shimmers like diamonds. Its design retains a traditional and sleek black color base with an overlay of shimmer making the design appear like a vibrant nebula in the night sky.

Moreover, since our mobile phones are already part of who we are and how we are perceived, both the Rococo Pearl and Black can match any occasion and time of the day, as it may also help elevate any outfit you wear and your overall semblance. Head on to a business meeting, a social occasion, your business opening, an influencer's event, or wherever you go and wear, the HUAWEI P60 Pro's designs has your outfit on point.

Photo source: Huawei
Photo source: Huawei

Tough exterior and power 

You may be elegant but tough, which is why the HUAWEI P60 Pro is armed with the durable Kunlun Glass Quad Curve display. Moreover, its overall drop resistance is boosted 10 times. It is also IP68-rated which means that splash, water, and dust resistance gives your smartphone extra protection against daily mishaps.

The 6.67-inch Quad-Curve LTPO screen also gives you a smooth grip and immersive view with its 1-120 Hz adaptive refresh rate. While the HUAWEI X-True Display provides accurate colors and true-to-life details in bright and dark areas, so you do not have to fight with external sources of light when viewing your phone. It also supports a P3 wide color gamut which has gained TÜV Rheinland Colour Accuracy Dual Certification – resulting in screen color accuracy and precise color projection.

With all the exquisite features of the HUAWEI P60 Pro, you do not have to worry about losing power by opening apps or using the camera for a long period of time because it is also powered by a large battery capacity of 4815 mAh and you may also power up through the 88W SuperCharge Turbo, which allows you to charge up to 50% in 10 minutes with Turbo Mode – so there is no stopping whatever activity that you may be doing. 

Photo source: Huawei
Photo source: Huawei

Get all the apps in one place

HUAWEI has also ensured that all its smartphones have a safe and secure way of downloading apps which is why the HUAWEI P60 Pro is equipped with the AppGallery to help ensure that all the apps downloaded to your phone have gone through a four-layer professional security system that detects malicious apps, facilitates privacy check, and ensure apps overall security.

HUAWEI P60 Pro operates through the EMUI 13.1 which is a smart operating system that features a smart personalized interaction and serves as a super device to bridge throughout all your devices.

With today's technology almost anything is possible because of innovation and through gadgets like the HUAWEI P60 Pro you may have the ultimate experience of an exquisite combination of art and technology.

The Huawei P60 Pro will available on the following price points:

  • 8+256GB: P58,999
  • 12+512GB: P69,999

Installment plans are also offered with up to 24 months for credit cards and up to 18 months via Home Credit. When you pre-order from May 12 to 25, you will get a free Huawei Watch GT3.

Photo source: HUAWEI Philippines
Photo source: HUAWEI Philippines

To know more about the HUAWEI P60 Pro, visit their website or their Facebook page.

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