This new 'BayaniHands' campaign unlocks the power of safe hands, emboldens Filipino spirit


Posted at May 15 2020 02:54 PM


National emergencies reveal more than just the competencies and attentiveness of individuals in power and influence. These are also times where solidarity among fellow countrymen is tried and tested. Yet as proven time and time again, the Filipino Spirit never shines brighter than when challenged by a common threat.

Just as fists are handy when used to fight off opponents, hands are also instrumental in providing a strong defense for the body.

Among the leading brands in the country that advocate for sanitation and personal care, P&G Safeguard Philippines aims to show the positive impact of how safe hands can be a force of good: ''There are times when keeping each other safe is in our hands.''

With all hands-on deck, the brand created the P&G Safeguard BayaniHands Project in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, a humanitarian organization that continues to contribute to aid the country in this extraordinary time. The collaboration hopes to encourage everyone to showcase the spirit of bayanihan and support the cause. By donating through online e-commerce platform Lazada, you can be able to help the Red Cross purchase all necessary supplies needed for healthcare frontliners.

The project was also supported by an online video that showcased true-to-life shots of the several ways Filipino people have come together to help each other during these trying times. These depictions came to life under the camaraderie of a group of creatives teaming up—writers, art directors, directors, editors, colorists, song composers, singers—all working remotely from their homes.

This new 'BayaniHands' campaign unlocks the power of safe hands, emboldens Filipino spirit 1
Screenshot taken from Safeguard PH official website

In your own way, you too can offer your service towards the country and show your respect and appreciation towards frontliners by simply keeping yourself healthy at home. One way of achieving this is by taking maximum care of your first line of defense which are your hands. Through proper and regular handwashing, you are keeping yourself and the community safe while also prompting them to do the same. This act of bayanihan is enough to be of adequate help even if staying at home is practiced.

At the end of the day, it is up to each Filipino to play their part in fighting off the adversaries the country is facing—loneliness, hunger, hopelessness, despair, and danger. In order for Filipinos to do so, Safeguard allies with each citizen in working toward a safe nation for all by emboldening the spirit of “BayaniHands'” hand in hand.

If you wish to donate, you may make a purchase through Lazada by clicking on this link.

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