VIRAL: Celebrity moms share why this hilarious video of SM Supermalls is a 'true story'

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Posted at May 15 2018 03:27 PM | Updated as of May 15 2018 05:21 PM

SM Supermalls tells why your #SuperMomDeservesABreak

One viral Mother's Day video stood out this season and got netizens, foreign vloggers, and even celebrities talking about how it puts the spotlight on funny but true moments that different generations of moms and families can relate to.


As of this writing, the viral video titled "#SMoments: WWMD (What Would Mom Do)" has already garnered over 3 million views, 100,000 reactions, and 25,000 shares on Facebook alone.

Directed by Zig Marasigan, the short film featured a montage of relatable dad-and-kid adventures at SM Supermalls after mom took a short 'me-time' break. 

"For decades, SM Supermalls has been a second home and a witness to the special milestones close to every mother's heart. SM's story won't be complete without our mommy shoppers' own SM moments," said Jonjon San Agustin, senior vice president for marketing of SM Supermalls.

"This video is our simple tribute to our lives' silent superheroes, who always put our families first—our #SuperMoms. They may always seem to be powerful and tough, but our supermoms deserve a break too."

Celebrity #SuperMoms Sandy Andolong, Chynna Ortaleza and Princess Velasco all joined in on how much they could actually relate to the video, and said its real charm is that it is "a true story that every family can relate to."

During a special #NationalSuperMomsDay2018 media conference with the three moms and Andolong's daughter, Miss International Philippines 2017 Mariel de Leon, they shared how Christopher de Leon once lost Mariel's brothers in the mall, how Ortaleza suffered the same fate with her dad, and what happens when Velasco leaves her son Kobe with her husband.


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Just like in the video, losing the kids at the mall is something many parents go through. The story of renowned celebrity couple Andolong and De Leon starts before Mariel was born, when the couple stayed in America with their three sons. 

"We would switch all the time. He would take care of the two older ones, I would take care of the baby. There was one time, he lost Miguel, my second son," Andolong recalled. 

They were shopping in an open-street shopping mall when De Leon's cousin realized that their son was missing. 

Andolong said, "His cousin runs to him, asking him, 'Where's Miguel?' and then you see him panic, and I look at him, 'You better find him!'"

Fortunately, they found Miguel in the middle of the street, trying to button his jacket. Although Andolong did not take this against De Leon, the same thing happened again, this time with their youngest son.

"The second one, the same trip, we were going to fly to LA. So, in the airport, he had to take care of the younger one," Andolong said.

"So we were running, we were late already for the flight, then my eldest son shouted, 'Where is Gabriel?' He lost my youngest son!"

"And then he stopped, turned towards me. I was so mad. By that time na palapit na siyang ganoon, I told him, 'Mawala ka na, 'wag lang ang anak ko," Andolong said, laughing. 

It turned out that De Leon had left Gabriel at the conveyor belt where their bags were placed. 

This was only one of many times that De Leon realized it is not easy being a mother.

"That's when they (fathers) truly appreciate you, how you do it, taking care of so many children," Andolong said.

Ortaleza has gone through something similar, and said that their dad always lost one of them at the mall. 

She recalled that one time she was lost in an SM mall, when she wanted to go to the toy section while her dad wanted to read books.

"After seeing that video, the things my husband and I go through with Stellar, I completely understand it now because not only did that reflect some of the things we go through as parents right now, but that video reminded me of how I was as a child and how my mom and dad had this dynamic because my dad would always lose one of us," Ortaleza said, laughing. 

She also added that it is surreal how things go full circle, when now, the same thing happens with their family. 

Stellar, their daughter, would be the energetic one, exploring all sorts of nooks and crannies, while Kean Cipriano would get lost reading a book or two.

"It also made me teary eyed, because lahat ng kwento ng mama ko tungkol sa mga ginawa ng tatay ko ay pinagdadaanan din pala ng lahat ng tatay at nanay," she said.

"I think moms, we're built that way, we have that Spidey sense," Velasco said, after hearing the stories of her fellow mothers. "We can do something, and sa peripheral vision natin, nakikita natin na, 'Okay 'yung anak ko diyan.'"

She also shared one instance where she had to leave her husband, Dr. Mark Herbert, with their then 9-month-old son, Kobe, because she had a singing engagement in the province.

She recalled, "I was in the van on the way to the venue when my husband calls me, and he said, 'Si Kobe nahulog sa sahig!'"

Although Velasco said in jest that all parents all go through that one time when they would see their kid fall or bump their head, she laughed at the fact that, "The one time I wasn't at home, this happens!"

"May ginagawa daw 'yung husband ko, tapos Kobe was there. Tapos noong nakita niyang slow-motion nahuhulog, 'di na nya nasalo. Buti na lang doctor 'yung husband ko, and everything was okay," Velasco said.

These moments are stories that all of us can relate to, as kids and as parents. What's your funny story where dad completely lost track of things when mom wasn't there? Share your #SuperMomDeservesABreak stories on Facebook, and use the hashtag #NationalSuperMomsDay2018. 

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