How to raise little champions even while at home


Posted at May 14 2021 08:05 AM | Updated as of May 14 2021 03:03 PM

Keeping kids safe and healthy is the number one priority of most parents right now. However, their safety is not always enough.

Kids are dreamers and achievers who want to do more as their whole life is laid out in front of them. They have goals they want to achieve and it is up to parents to ensure that no health crisis will get in the way of helping their child dream.

After all, champions are not born but raised at home.

How to raise little champions even while at home 1

Here are some practical tips to aid parents in raising healthy achievers even when sheltering in place.

1. Give them space

Everyone handles difficult situations differently, especially kids and young teens. Even with more than a year in this global situation, it is possible that many are still finding ways to cope.

The best way to help your children is to make sure they know you are there when they need help while giving them enough space to do their own thing. Do not pressure them to get great marks at school or learn new skills immediately. Instead, talk to them and discuss how you can achieve your goals together.

With the outside world in turmoil, create a haven for the whole family inside the house – a safe space where each member can find peace and thrive at the same time.

How to raise little champions even while at home 2

2. Show tangible support

Saying encouraging words will mean the world to a child faced with pressure and uncertainty. They will feel more confident knowing that they have grownups backing them up.

Apart from pep talk, another great way to show your support is through tangible means.

If your kids want to be a lawyer or a doctor when they grow up, acquire additional books or learning materials to supplement their studies. If they want to be a chef or an artisan, enroll them in online workshops on relevant subjects. If they want to be athletes, help them practice their sport every day by creating makeshift courts at home or have them take part in virtual summer camps.

How to raise little champions even while at home 3

By showing your support and providing them with the materials they need, no situation can hinder your children from chasing after their dreams.

3. Create daily champion habits 

Creating healthy routines can provide a sense of order in the family's day. This daily structure will offer some form of reassurance to children despite all the uncertainties they may face.

Provide a daily schedule that they can follow with enough time that they can move at their own pace and meet their own needs.

Make sure that ample physical activity, nutritious mealtimes, and a good rest are integrated into the routine and keep mobile devices off at least an hour before bedtime. Stressful periods might make it more difficult to get rest, but reiterate that champions get enough quality sleep to be successful.

Keep in mind that exercise and physical activity are also vital in every child's well-being. It can help them grow healthy bones and muscles, get quality sleep, focus on their studies, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent lifestyle diseases in the future. It can even help children cope with stress. 

Especially when one has limited movement inside their abode, moving and staying active will help keep a person healthy. 

If you want your kids to be more active and lessen their time on video games, doing it yourself is the best example. Allot time in your schedule to exercise with them. Play active games around the house. Distribute physical chores to family members and get the kids involved.

A good example of a fun physical activity you can do together is MILO Champion Habit PE at Home where you will find four easy circuit exercises that can help train your child's speed, agility, strength, and power.

4. Make nutritious meals 

Nutritious meals are another very important component in raising healthy champions at home. After all, how can your child achieve more when they do not have the energy to do so? 

While the situation has made it more difficult to procure fresh greens and whole food, try to lessen processed and high-calorie food items on the dinner table. Fast food deliveries and milk tea cravings should also be an occasional reward instead of a weekly need. Try to provide healthy snacks and fruits in the refrigerator and include protein, vegetables, grains, and dairy in their everyday diet. 

Make sure kids start the day with a good and balanced meal as it will give them the energy to do everything he or she wants to do throughout the day. 

Milk is also essential for the growth of your child as it is a good source of protein, calcium, potassium, and a variety of vitamins.

How to raise little champions even while at home 4

Knowing the importance of milk in raising healthy champions, breakfast beverage MILO has milk as its number one ingredient. Coupled with the Champion Formula, MILO aims to help parents in creating a delicious and nutritious Champion breakfast for their little achievers. 

This chocolate milk drink is made with the natural goodness of real milk, malt, cocoa, and packed with Champion Energy Nutrients such as PROTOMALT, Iron, and B-Vitamins. It provides champion energy and a taste that kids have loved across generations.

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MILO has been inspiring and producing champions for over 50 years and has created grassroots sports programs developed with expert partners to help Filipino kids realize their dreams. Today, it is seeking ways to aid parents to build champions in life even with all the new challenges present in the world.

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Mula noon, hanggang ngayon, nagbago man ang panahon, tuloy ang pangarap maging champion with MILO.

(From then until now, even though circumstances have changed, the dream of becoming a champion continues with MILO.) 

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