6 sandwich recipes moms and kids can make together at home

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Posted at May 13 2020 02:59 PM

With everyone at home, what better way to make the most out of your time than to be with the family and make every bonding moment count? 

Just recently, Mommy Dimples Romana and her son Alonzo posted simple recipe vlogs in their YouTube page to encourage their fellow moms and kids to prepare delicious and easy-to-prepare breakfast sandwiches together as a fun family bonding activity while they are at home.

Here are six easy-to-make delicious sandwich recipes to try with your family:

1.    Chicken Lava Toast Sandwich​

Using only bread, egg, and cheese on hand, topped with a cup of Lady's Choice Chicken Spread, moms can already re-create the lava experience at home. 

2.    Mega Melty Sandwich

This recipe will make the children crave for more with its melty and meaty-sarap texture brought about by a generous mixture of cheese, butter, and Lady's Choice Ham Spread. 

3.    Crunchy Hamwich Sandwich

Crrrunch! This sandwich is not just delicious but healthy too, as it contains thin slices of crunchy apple and Lady's Choice Ham Spread. 

4.    Chicken Bacon Explosion Sandwich

This recipe can make the mouth pop with its mouth-watering combination of crispy fried bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, bread, and Lady's Choice Chicken Spread. 

5.    Chunky Chicken Sandwich 

This sandwich will make your children smile from the first bite until the very last as it is filled with chunks of chicken, grapes, celery, and almonds topped with Lady's Choice Chicken Spread.

6.    Hamcheeza Sandwich 

This recipe calls for a creamy filling due to the milk + cheese combo, finished off with slices of ham and a cup of savory Lady's Choice Ham spread to make it even better. 

With Lady's Choice as their companion, Mommy Dimples and Alonzo were able to make six simple recipes using their chicken and ham sandwich spread variants. With these sandwiches prepared with love, for sure, every child will crave every bite, and thank their moms with warm hugs and kisses.

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