VIRAL: 5 reasons why this "Sunday Ba Ngayon?" video made millions cry

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Posted at May 13 2017 02:30 PM | Updated as of May 15 2017 01:01 PM

MANILA --Have you watched this tear-jerking Mothers’ Day video about a family whose mom began showing symptoms of dementia?


As of this writing, this viral video of SM Supermalls has already garnered over 3 million views, 72,000 reactions, and 18,000 shares on Facebook alone.

The short film, which featured a family getting together in an SM mall, has moved millions of netizens across generations with moms, dads and kids strongly reacting to it through sharing their own Sunday family traditions and throwback photos with their moms on social media.

But what really is the magic behind this viral video? Here are five reasons why it felt so close to our hearts:  

1. It highlights a very relatable family issue -- lack of time.

Traditionally, Sunday is family day. And just like the mom in the video who always looked forward to their Sunday tradition at SM, all moms are excited to see the family complete during their weekend bonding. But as their kids start to get busy in their own lives in school, at work and even on social media, family time is sacrificed.

2. It shows Filipinos' love for tradition

As Pinoys, we grew up with family traditions passed on by our ancestors. In the video, the mom only looks forward to one thing: her family's fun Sunday tradition of getting together. And even when she was sick, that tradition remained in her heart.

3. It reminds us of our Supermoms' unconditional love

In the video, the mom was always calling and messaging her kids to join her and their dad on Sunday. She was always there, waiting for her children to come and spend time with her. Though a bit disappointed, she still continued to hope that her children will eventually come.

That is our Supermoms' unconditional love for us. We may disappoint them so many times, but they will always remain forgiving and loving to us no matter what happens.

4. It emphasizes that family should come first

Pinoys have a close-knit relationship with their families. Despite our busy schedules, our moms constantly remind us to always put our families first and foremost.

In the video, the mom always puts prime to her family, the most important people in her life. And even during her trying times, she was able to remind her kids why family time is precious.

5. It made us miss our moms

But, perhaps, the most striking effect of the video is that it made us miss and appreciate our moms even more. It reminded us of the good ol' days we have shared together, as a family.

In the video, when the kids found out that their mom is showing signs of dementia, they realized how much time they have wasted after missing all the family gatherings requested by their mom.

But at least, they can still remind her of the good times they shared together-- and that's by keeping their family tradition alive.  

This Mothers' Day, keep our family traditions alive! Let's call our moms, bring them to the movies, treat them to their favorite restaurants, and of course, enjoy everything they love to do at our family's favorite bonding place, SM Supermalls!

Share with us your Mothers’ Day family photos by using the hashtag #NationalSuperMomsDayAtSM in all your social media posts. Happy Mothers’ Day!

VIRAL: 5 reasons why this "Sunday Ba Ngayon?" video made millions cry 1

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