NIDO 3+ wants moms to know why they are #1


Posted at May 12 2023 09:14 AM

Photo source: NIDO Philippines
Photo source: NIDO Philippines

Mom's unconditional love for their children is what makes them number one.

However, according to a poll conducted by the AsianParent, even the best moms feel guilty and imperfect even when giving their kids their all. 80% of Filipino moms blame themselves when something does not go right while 79% of the surveyed moms feel guilty when they want to rest when they feel tired.

Moms need to see how special they are, especially in the eyes of their toddlers who only see their love, care, and affection which is why NIDO's has rehashed their "You're My #1" song to help remind moms that they will always be #1 in their toddler's eyes.

NIDO 3+ – mom's ally in the challenging, but beautiful journey of parenting a toddler has come up with the "You're My #1" campaign to celebrate the love and sacrifice of mothers around the world. Now it has evolved to also talk about how toddlers perceive all moms as #1 despite their imperfections and flaws.

Previously, the lyrics of the NIDO song, "You're My #1", is about what a child is able to do because of their mom's help.

 Video source: Nestlé Mom & Me Philippines YouTube Channel

Now, the rehashed version of the song contains a toddler's perspective. Switching the POV and focus on how children see their mothers as their number one despite how moms see their own flaws and self-doubts.

Video source: Nestlé Mom & Me Philippines YouTube Channel

In a toddler's eyes, moms are the prettiest princesses, the best chefs, the strongest superwoman, the ultimate protector, and the funniest playmate.

Photo source: NIDO Philippines
Photo source: NIDO Philippines

NIDO 3+ is a brand that stands for mom's love as it understands the joys and challenges of raising a toddler - which is why it is a wonderful partner of #1 moms out there to help protect their toddlers’ growth and development, along with proper diet, exercise, and rest.

No mom is perfect, but because of the love, care, and protection that they give to their toddler, they are #1.

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