The beginner's guide to global investments


Posted at May 10 2021 11:00 AM

Do you ever find yourself looking at your finances and hope that it would grow more? Or have you ever felt concerned about your investments as market volatility occupies the morning news?

These are unavoidable questions that many found themselves pondering over sleepless nights during the course of the ongoing global crisis. 

Now, just as many industries have suffered in the past year, new opportunities have also popped up. It can be a change of career path, a different business, or new investments. 

The beginner's guide to global investments 1

If you are a person who has been investing in local assets or funds but is hoping for higher returns and better risk management, then you may need to start considering global investments.

Global investing simply means that you are investing in funds or assets outside of your country. As compared to people who invest solely in local funds or Philippine-based companies, global investments allow you to increase the diversification of your portfolio – equating to higher opportunities for growth and minimized market risks.

Because you are investing in global funds, the potential returns are higher since you are not reliant on a single economy and can take advantage of the economic growth of foreign countries. 

This is especially helpful for people preparing for retirement, those securing their children's education, those who are seeking an upgrade in lifestyle, or people who want to increase their financial standing. 

While most Filipinos may be hesitant to try global investing because they are not familiar with the concept or find it too complicated to deal with foreign currencies, more convenient solutions are now available for prospective investors. 

If you are interested to try, a simplified way to start investing in global funds is through one of the trusted global insurance companies - AXA's Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds.

Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds allow people to use local currency (Peso) to access foreign markets all without needing a US Dollar (USD) account. This makes it easier for Filipinos to receive optimized returns with better risk management through AXA's flagship global funds. 

Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds allow you to invest in expertly-managed global funds such as Global Dynamic Allocation Funds (GDAF) Peso and Global Advantage Fund (GAF) Peso. GDAF enables you to invest across different markets in Asia, the US, and Europe all without needing to exchange your peso to USD, while GAF allows you to invest in funds that mirror the trajectory of fast-growing technology-focused companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook.

You can also choose to have a diversified portfolio of both local and global investments under one seamless policy. Compared to investing in purely local funds, capitalizing on both local and foreign markets lets you conveniently branch out your investments for even higher returns.

The Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds are available through AXA's Asset Master.

Asset Master is a one-time payment insurance and investment plan. Besides giving you access to these global funds, Asset Master comes with a 125% guaranteed life insurance benefit that will help you secure your legacy for generations to come.

The beginner's guide to global investments 2

Investing in global funds is a good way to optimize the growth potential of your investments. This means you can possibly reach your financial goals faster.

Opportunities like these, when coupled with resourcefulness and sound financial handling, will allow you to secure a better future for you and your family even amid tumultuous times.

To learn more about how to invest in Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds and Asset Master, talk to an AXA financial partner online or visit its website.

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