Facts vs myths: Common face washing mistakes

Pond's Facial Wash

Posted at May 10 2018 12:32 PM | Updated as of May 10 2018 12:46 PM

You've nailed your skincare routine—or so you thought. Check out this rundown of cleansing mishaps and see how you're really faring.

True or False: No matter how tired or wasted you are, you never ever skip cleansing.

If you answered 'true' to this question, you're doing the right thing. Cleansing is one skincare practice you must never neglect. 

Even if you know that there's no better canvas for makeup, and no better bare face to show the world than one that's sparkly clean, did you know that you might be doing things that are doing your complexion more harm than good? 

We're serving you a quick reality check--read on and don't commit these cleansing sins again.

You don't prep the right way. Two things you must do before washing your face: Wash your hands thoroughly to make sure they're clean before you touch your face, and then use makeup remover to dissolve any makeup you have on.

Many people forget that they have to remove the barriers on their skin--all the dirt on their hands and the cosmetics on their faces--for them to fully reap the rewards of face washing.

It's hot water all the way for you. Hot water strips your face of moisture, so even if you think it feels better on the skin, it's actually very bad for you. Opt for lukewarm or cold water for face-washing.

You're overzealous when it comes to washing your face. There is such a thing as washing your face too much. Once in the morning and once before going to bed is enough, but do wash your face before or after a workout. 

Use a hardworking facial wash like Pond's Facial Wash, in a variant best suited for your skin type and your concerns. This product will show you that you don't need to over-cleanse because it deeply cleans already, banishing impurities and deep-seated dirt.

You under-rinse yet you over-rub. Massage the facial cleansing product on your face in circles to make sure it's distributed evenly, and for improved blood circulation as well. 

Don't be in a rush when rinsing—it's important to check the hairline, noseline, neck, and other hard to reach areas for any residue to avoid product from clogging your pores. 

Avoid rubbing your face to let it dry after cleansing, because this might lead to inflammation. Instead, pat dry with a soft towel or tissue.

You don't take advantage of your freshly washed face. Slap on that moisturizer right after rinsing your face, and while skin is still semi-wet. Your skin is supplest at this point, so it will be better able to absorb moisturizer.

Be a skin sinner no more as you become more conscious of your face-washing habits. Consistency is key, and just like an athlete who trains hard, in no time you'll be a skincare champion once you get face-washing down pat.

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