A great gift idea for homemakers


Posted at May 10 2018 06:03 PM | Updated as of May 11 2018 10:41 AM

Hands-on mothers or homemakers will agree that ironing clothes is one tiring household chore. 

Just the sight of a clothes waiting to be ironed, and even the thought of slouching or bending over the ironing board is cringe-worthy.

Today, a lot of home appliances have been upgraded to adapt to changing times, and have been equipped with technological advancements. It is high time that the beloved traditional ironing board gets a much-needed improvement, too.

There is now a new and better product that makes ironing clothes more convenient and much more efficient: a garment steamer. 

A garment steamer that is worth checking out is the Tefal Instant Control Garment Steamer. It has been especially designed to easily remove creases from all types of fabric.

Below are nine points that make it a great Mother's Day gift for hardworking moms:

1. It works fast. Unlike flat irons, which take a while to warm up, this garment steamer is ready to use in just 45 seconds.

2. It does more than ironing. Not only does it produce crease-free garments, it also sanitizes and removes odors from fabric.

3. It's adaptable to all fabrics. It features five levels of steam output that remove creases on all kinds of fabric, even the most delicate ones.

4. It has an integrated hanger and telescopic pole. With this feature, there is no need to slouch while ironing, because it is set up in an upright position. It also comes with a hanger, so the clothes take on their actual form in the process of ironing. The adjustable telescopic pole is designed for easy storage. 

5. It has an electronic auto off. Tefal has designed an ingenious Electronic Auto Off feature that switches the steamer off after eight minutes of dry water tank to prevent it from overheating, for safety.

6. It has an exclusive press and steam mechanism. Who needs an ironing board when you have this garment steamer? The vertical support ensures effortless steaming on a flat surface where the garment can be pressed and held in place.

7. It has an anti-calc solution. The anti-calc system allows rinsing to occur in the boiler. This allows for long-lasting steam performance.

8. It is extremely easy to use. It is made to be practical and durable. It has a removable base to allow users to easily steam long clothes, sofas, curtains, and sheets so there is no steam hose length constraint. Its 1.7-liter water tank also allows lengthy steaming sessions.

9. It comes with very useful accessories. It has a fabric brush that opens the thick weave of fabrics for better steam penetration; gloves to avoid burns and protect hands from hot steam; creases attachment that helps users to easily create pant creases; and a lint pad that effectively removes hair, lint and animal fur for a professional finish.

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