Four habits to teach your child while staying at home

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Posted at May 08 2020 01:50 PM | Updated as of May 11 2020 01:41 PM

Four habits to teach your child while staying at home 1

Parents are the source of influence, hope, and shining light to their young ones. When done effectively, parenting can shape healthier, happier, and more resilient paths for their children, especially during critical periods in a child's development.

But when a child's exposure becomes limited and their experience restricted within the confines of home, things can get quite tricky. How do you teach a child to have laban ng katawan, laban ng isip, laban ng kalooban, and laban ng sarili, during times like this?

Here are four lessons to consider.

Healthy food consumption

Four habits to teach your child while staying at home 2

Though it comes off as a simple task, it is actually easier said than done. Because children gravitate towards unhealthy snacks, parents need to exert more effort into incorporating creative ideas using nutritious foods that will enrich their children's bodies while also making it appetizing for their taste buds.

Other than food, a complimentary beverage that will give them additional nutrients they need is important, such as Bonakid Pre-School® 3+, to give them Laban ng Katawan. Considering its nutritional values, benefits, and commitment are things to assess when choosing the right milk for growing kids.

Each glass of Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ NEW FORMULA has the right levels of Vitamins A, D, E, and C, Zinc, with added whey protein that helps absorb nutrients so that your child has Laban ng Katawan.


Four habits to teach your child while staying at home 3

When a child learns when and how to do simple household chores, they develop consciousness into putting it alongside fun and leisure. Teaching them to arrange their toys after playing, assist in sorting clothes before their parents do the laundry, categorize trash before throwing them, reviewing shapes, colors, sizes, and the alphabet before playing, are a few things that can help kids identify orderliness of activities.

When kids learn to set their time between games and chores at an early age, they develop Laban ng Isip which eventually helps them identify behaviors that will give them readiness to face challenges ahead.

Empathy and functionality

Four habits to teach your child while staying at home 4

More than just healthy bodies and skillful minds, a child's emotional intelligence is of equal importance. When you teach kids to value respect for the elderly, fairness among peers, camaraderie among diverse groups, and appreciation for all service providers, you instill in them an unbreakable character that goes way beyond looks and talents.

Simply teaching them common courtesy and principles like giving credit where it is due are nourishing for their inner growth, giving them Laban ng Kalooban, so they may always stand up for what is right, and help whenever they can. These basic values will enable them to become decent functioning members of society when they grow up.

An activity to bond over to develop Laban ng Kalooban is the 'KAPA BOX' where it builds trust between parents and child, and helps children build courage to complete the activity.

Proper hygiene and sanitation

Four habits to teach your child while staying at home 5

For starters, teach children the proper way of handwashing, when to do it and how often it must be done, then explain why they have to do it. While this seems basic, in time, it will lead to a habit that puts cleanliness above all. Teaching kids how to sanitize their things by using gentle wipes or sanitary alcohol and keeping their things tidy, gives them Laban ng Sarili so they are able to perform daily guidelines independently.

Additionally, imposing proper hygiene by taking full baths and regularly brushing their teeth is a huge factor for their health as adults.

In the face of today's situation, it is vital to keep enhancing the abilities and capacities of young children by providing them lessons that can help them as they grow. And what better way is there to ensure that this is met, than to support their immunity, growth, and energy?

Four habits to teach your child while staying at home 6

As such, Philippine milk brand Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ presents itself as the appropriate milk that promotes laban among kids ages 3 plus, so that they can get involved and engaged in self-growth training without fear of being susceptible to illnesses.

Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ is the milk that helps equip children 3 years old and above with laban ng katawan, laban ng isip, laban ng kalooban, at laban ng sarili so kids can have the laban or strength they need to face the challenges of today.

With healthy food consumption leading to laban ng katawan, scheduling boosting - laban ng isip, empathy and social awareness fortifying - laban ng kalooban, and proper hygiene and sanction promoting laban ng sarili, children are confidently prepared to take on the world no matter what problems they face.

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