Dessert hacks for fiestas, family gatherings

Mr. Hat Gulaman

Posted at May 04 2023 04:54 PM

Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels

As the hot weather begins, so do the local Philippine fiestas. During this season families gather together, invite neighbors, friends, and relatives to their homes to eat while celebrating the harvest season or the blessing they have received from their town's patron saints.

Guests not only look forward to the main dishes served by the host, but also the desserts that will help cool down the hot weather. 

So, for the hosts who generously open their homes to neighbors, friends, and family members, here are a few desserts that you can create in huge batches that will not only satisfy, but help cool down your guests. Or even when there is no occasion, you can simply create these desserts for a fun family bonding:

Cathedral Window Gelatin

This dessert contains a variety of colored gelatin squares bound together by a white colored gelatin and shaped into a molder, which can either be a rectangle, square, or you can get creative with whatever molder shape or size you desire. Aside from being a crowd favorite, this dessert is also quite affordable even if you make a huge batch which is ideal for family gatherings and fiestas.

Mr. Hat Gulaman's Summeryenda flavors: Mango and Buko Pandan bring fun and flavor to local Philippine fiestas. Add these flavors to your Cathedral Window Gelatin to help elevate its taste and appearance.

Gulaman drink

Spice up your gulaman drink by creating new flavors like Mango and Buko Pandan. Your guests and family members will be amazed at the new chill concoction you were able to come up with.

Jelly sago

The jelly sago dessert is usually created with mango, sago, condensed milk, and all-purpose cream, but you can also add nata de coco and kaong if you like. However, you can get creative and make this dessert a bit different by using Mr. Hat Gulaman's Summeryenda line of gelatin flavors such as Mango and Buko Pandan, and whatever flavor you choose to add a hint of that color to your condensed milk and all-purpose cream.

These desserts are all best chilled before serving.

So, if you are looking to create a sweet treat to share with family and friends or want to elevate your fiesta offerings, Mr. Hat Gulaman's Summeryenda line of flavors is delicious and economical to use. Made from natural seaweed extract – it blends carrageenan, sugar, and other flavorings to create a versatile gelatin powder that you can use for any day and any occasion.
Photo source: Mr. Hat Gulaman
Photo source: Mr. Hat Gulaman
Photo source: Mr. Hat Gulaman

Whether you are celebrating a local fiesta or simply looking for a refreshing summer treat, Mr. Hat Gulaman's Summeryenda line has got you covered.

Get all flavors and colors of Mr. Hat Gulaman at Lazada, Shopee, and other retail stores nationwide.

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