3 tips from Legaspi family on how to enjoy summer at home


Posted at May 03 2019 11:58 AM | Updated as of May 07 2019 01:49 PM

Now that school is over and the summer season has officially kicked in, there is chance for parents to spend quality time - or "chill" - with their kids, as millennials call it.

However, the scorching heat outside makes it hard for the family to bond and relax. No one likes to be drenched in sticky sweat. 

Good thing there are these three enjoyable activities that families can do in the comfort of their homes while enjoying the heat of the season.

Let the Legaspi family show you how.

1. Watching movies or television series

It's family movie time! Take time to enjoy movies or television series together. With the wide array of movies and series available in streaming apps, the choices among various genres are seemingly endless. Ask your kids now what they like to watch next!

2. Playing exciting games

Kids always want to have fun, and what better way to achieve it than playing games with the family. Call Kuya and Ate to join Bunso in playing games at the sala. Try the latest video game or search online for new physical games to play.

3. Have a chill ice cream merienda with the family

Sometimes to beat the heat, you just have to grab a flavorful dessert such as ice cream and enjoy the refreshing feeling with everyone in the family. 

Watch how the Legaspi family keeps the fun rolling in a recently released video advertisement with Selecta. The family is seen grooving to the tune of a cheerful summer song as they "chill at homies" together while enjoying the new and delicious summer collection from Selecta.

This summer, all activities are best enjoyed with the new Selecta Limited Edition summer collection flavors. Indulge the palates with the flavorful taste of Tsokolate Tablea Fudge, Peach Mango Float, and Buco Avocado Swirl. 

Hurry, these new flavors are only available this summer. Check out the website of Selecta to know more.

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