What makes the Filipino workforce stand out


Posted at May 01 2023 11:52 AM

Photo source: Pexels [LINK OUT 'Pexels': https://www.pexels.com/photo/skyline-of-makati-city-in-manila-philip-11076203/
Photo source: Pexels

Filipinos are one of the most sought-after workers around the world. 

However, what do Filipino workers have that makes them stand out? Here are a few characteristics of Filipino workers that make them employable:

World-class skills

Locally and internationally, Filipinos are being recognized for their incredible skill in their craft and in their line of work which has resulted in many different innovations in technology, and some of the most beautiful world-class structures and facilities. Some have even been awarded for the developments and contributions in their field that led to the upliftment of communities. 

Filipinos are dependable, work hard, always try to perfect their skills and give each task their best.

They know what to value

A lot of Filipino workers stay in a company for many years because they understand when they are valued for their work, and they will stick to those that value them through thick and thin, they will do what is best to the best of their abilities.

They will also care about your company if they feel that they are treated well like a family.

Strong heart and mind

Filipino workers are diligent, persevering, and resilient. They do not let small things get to them and they can face any work challenge that comes to them with a strong heart and mind.

They are one of the best that you can find in the world, which is why - to celebrate the hard labor of Filipinos, Nescafé brings a special treat this Labor Day to 501 thousand workers to celebrate the 5-01, or May 1.

This year, Nescafé aims to bring many million cups of coffee to Filipinos to celebrate their strength in facing life's daily challenges. The campaign started off on January 1, with 1 million cups shared all over the country and continued with millions more as weeks and months went by. Now, NESCAFE is back with another burst of massive sharing of coffee cups during Labor Day to share more in different locations where the workforce would be highly concentrated, since workers take the day off to spend it with their loved ones.

Photo source: Nescafé Philippines Facebook Page [LINK OUT 'Facebook page': https://www.facebook.com/nescafe.ph/photos/10160709831234176
Photo source: Nescafé Philippines Facebook Page

Through this campaign, Nescafé hopes to help strengthen workers as they rise and thrive every day; tirelessly achieving their dreams, day in and day out. 

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