From fan redesigns to a new, refreshed look

Lucky Me!

Posted at Apr 29 2022 12:00 PM

Photo Source: Lucky Me! YouTube channel [LINK OUT
Photo Source: Lucky Me! YouTube channel

2020 was a year that saw many trends dominate the online community. 

Perhaps due to the community restrictions imposed during the better half of that year, people sheltering at home came up with all kinds of quirky activities and random challenges that got popular. 

One of those was a design challenge on social media involving a certain kitchen staple. 

Lucky Me! has been providing Filipinos with easy to cook and flavorful meals since 1989. It is known for a variety of value-for-money instant noodles. It is quite common to see its Pancit Canton in homes across the country. 

As such, it was no surprise to see its products trending during quarantine. Creatives online took it upon themselves to share playful redesigns or reimagined iterations of Lucky Me! products. There was one who applied minimalism to the packaging, another tried to see what it would look like as a fine dining item. Others even visualized the Pancit Canton as an on-the-go snack bar, drink, and candy concept. 

Fans got creative in this challenge and it came to the attention of the brand how much its consumers are passionate and invested in the next chapter of its brand story.

Now, two years later, Lucky Me! comes out with a new look of its own. 

Lucky Me! unveils a brand-new look for its Pancit Canton line, still with the same noodles and flavors. Photo source: Lucky Me!
Lucky Me! unveils a brand-new look for its Pancit Canton line, still with the same noodles and flavors. Photo source: Lucky Me!

The new packaging of Lucky Me! Pancit Canton teases the senses with its distinct visuals: from the vibrant new colors to the bigger photo of the pancit canton plate, the new design aims to help people visualize the special flavors in each pack.

However, fans can still expect the same thin noodles, inviting aroma, and addictive taste they have loved for years as only the exterior has changed. 

From the creative redesigns in the 2020 challenge to the official new packaging in 2022, the look may be different but the brand assures Filipinos that it is still the same pancit canton that accompanied them through hectic mornings, midday breaks, and late-night sleepovers.

To know more about Lucky Me! Pancit Canton's new packaging, visit its Facebook page. See the new look and get your favorite Lucky Me! Pancit Canton at the nearest supermarket or online via Lazada and Shopee. #LuckyMeNewPackSameSarap

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