How to care for baby's skin

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Posted at Apr 29 2019 07:52 PM

There is nothing like holding one's bundle of joy for the first time.

First time moms have their own expectations of what their baby will look like, one of which is that their baby will have silky-smooth skin.

However, it comes as a surprise to many that this is not so.

Online pregnancy and parenting hub The Bump says that baby's skin could be dry, flaky, sensitive or discolored, especially during the newborn period. The soft baby skin will have to wait until around the baby's fourth month.

Because baby's skin is extra-sensitive, proper care is essential.

To care for baby's skin, health information website WebMD says "less is more."

Babies only need three baths a week, according to the health website. But depending on the season, humidity, and baby's activity, more than three times should be fine to clean dirt and bacteria.

If the umbilical cord has not yet fallen off, babies should only be sponge-bathed using a damp washcloth.

Extra attention should be given on creases such as armpits, neck, knees, and genitals where bacteria might thrive.

When choosing baby products, look for ones with the fewest ingredients. Also check that products do not contain parabens, formaldehyes, or fragrances.

It is also important for moms to use gentle and mild products, such as baby soap and baby lotion, for their newborns. However, these products may not be enough when baby's soft skin loses moisture up to five times faster than adult skin.

Look for effective potent products with moisturizing ingredients which helps replenish moisture in baby's delicate skin.

Overall, the best way to take care of baby's sensitive skin is by using products especially made for babies.

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