Genuine inks will give quality printing


Posted at Apr 28 2023 08:00 AM

Photo source: Epson
Photo source: Epson

Giving ourselves the best is paramount – it is time to stop settling for less and get what you actually deserve. It will benefit not only you now, but even in the future. That is why even the simplest items we purchase for ourselves should be able to work properly like one of our most purchased items for work, school, or office, are the inks for our printers. 

Inks for our printers should not just pass the level of "okay" or "good enough", but should be guaranteed and tested before we use it. 

Okay is not good enough

You might think that compatibility is the only thing that should be top of mind for something to work well, but not really. Time will also tell that it takes more than compatibility for something to last long.

Take for example items like third-party inks – they might be compatible with your printer now and it might seem like it is working for your printer, but they may probably not be the best and most secure when it comes to quality and ensuring the health of your printer.

Epson genuine inks have undergone rigorous testing to work best for Epson printers. Going through quality control standards, only Epson genuine inks are assured to be compatible while also taking care of the health of your Epson printers. 

Moreover, using third-party inks for your Epson printer will void the warranty.

Do not fall for sweet ads

Be keen on finding misinformation. Some third-party inks may even claim that Epson has taken part in testing their product, however, the truth is Epson does not exercise any quality control over the design and manufacturing processes, and is unable to guarantee the performance of third-party inks.

Third-party inks usually appear to be similar to genuine Epson inks that they sometimes even have the same design and packaging similar to a genuine Epson ink. Unofficial sellers even claim that third-party inks have been tested by Epson, but they are not.

Be loyal to the genuine

By staying loyal to the genuine, you will reap its benefits not only in the present, but also in the long run.

Have prints that are true to their color when you use genuine Epson inks.

Moreover, Epson continuously updates its firmware to help address issues of security, performance, and minor bug fixes to help ensure your printer functions as designed. Epson printers were designed to work with genuine Epson inks, and if you use third-party inks some updates may affect the printer's functionality.

Spot the genuine

Photo source: Epson
Photo source: Epson

One way to help customers spot genuine Epson inks when purchasing is through the new hologram sticker's temperature sensitivity and light source image features. When you rub one part of the sticker several times, it will fade a bit as the temperature rises due to the heat the comes from the friction. You may also use light to check if the word "Epson" will appear on the hologram sticker.

To also help printer owners spot the genuine, Epson will launch an app that will enable the owner to scan the QR code of the inks and it will show whether the ink is genuine or not. 

Be assured of the quality of the inks that you use on your Epson printers by purchasing from Epson Authorized Dealers and Epson's official online stores on Lazada and Shopee

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