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Posted at Apr 26 2023 04:15 PM | Updated as of Apr 26 2023 04:28 PM

Photo source: vivo
Photo source: vivo

Do you spend your free afternoons laughing at YouTubers' videos or dueting challenges on TikTok? There is no denying that watching videos or vlogs online is an enjoyable pastime. With platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube enabling easy content creation, anyone can be a content creator these days. The questions is, what can be your edge over other aspiring content creators?
The answer? Your device. Anybody can dance, show off OOTDs, or do the same trends online. However, it takes a reliable and stylish device to help bring out your best aura in every video. 

vivo brings the vivo V27 Series, The Aura Portrait Master. Featuring a new and upgraded camera with the Aura Portrait Algorithm, the vivo V27 Series is the ideal partner for creating good and viral-worthy content.

Here are some helpful content creation tips and how you can use the vivo V27 Series in making binge-worthy videos.

Share what matters to you

Here is a good starting point: find your niche. Some content creators like to make videos about their personal experiences, thoughts, or tips about a chosen topic, whether it is surviving their course in college, unboxing their latest online budols, or sharing thoughts on the last book they read. You will surely find people who will engage and listen to what you have to say. 

Videos like this are easy to do because you can film them in your room. Some content creators like to use a ring light when shooting indoors to make their videos appear bright and clear. Thanks to the vivo V27 Series' Aura Portrait Algorithm with its Sony IMX766V sensor, your videos may appear naturally clear, detailed and high-quality even without a ring light,

The Sony IMX766V, vivo's ultra-large sensor, is 59 percent bigger than flagship standard sensors and produces 145 percent light intake which helps make videos appear bright and vibrant even when taken in low-light conditions. In addition, the Sony IMX766V sensor also uses 50 million pixels for accurate and fast focusing. 

'Dump' clips from your best experiences

Photo source: vivo
Photo source: vivo

Dumping is something online people do where they basically "dump" or post the extra snaps—the ones that did not make the cut when choosing what to post on their social profiles. It could be a photo of the sunset, one's work desk, ulam (main course) for the day, or a selfie with friends—you name it. Yet, despite its name, some people's dumps still appear eye-pleasing and aesthetic. 

Instead of just saving lots of snaps and videos, why not compile all those into a reel? Give your viewers and followers a taste of a day in your life or flex your favorite OOTDs you have worn in a month. This will get more enjoyable with the help of vivo V27 Series as its video camera now features an EIS+OIS Dual-Ultra Stabilization feature. This creates clear and stable videos by reducing shaky movements and jitters that happen while filming. 

Make your videos relatable

Photo source: vivo
Photo source: vivo

Remember that creator on TikTok who makes videos about the best and even cringiest memories in school? We love to laugh at those videos not only because they are funny, but because we have actually gone through the same experiences. Making your videos relatable—even poking fun at your embarrassing moments—helps build a connection between you and your audiences. 

Share your most interesting stories through creative videos with the vivo V27 Series' 50MP Eye AF vlogging front camera, which has one of the highest resolutions for front cameras in this price range. Shooting from a phone's front camera sometimes does not deliver good quality, but the vivo V27 Series' 50MP Eye AF vlogging front camera lets users capture clear details in high-definition videos.

Photo source: vivo
Photo source: vivo

If you are thinking about acting out your ideas, you might want to consider exploring different character POVs. However, that would mean exerting lots of effort and doing some intense editing. With vivo's exclusive Vlog Movie Creator, this part of the job may be done quick and easy. This feature offers a one-step solution that frees you from the tedious shooting and editing process. It includes a variety of effects to choose from, instant and pro-standard video enhancement features and hassle-free clip management—all easy-to-use techniques that anyone, whether you are an aspiring or a professional content creator, will love. 

The vivo V27 Series is packed in a premium, stylish design and is available in three colorways: Lavender Purple and Glory Black for vivo V27e variant while Emerald Green for the vivo V27 variant. 

Follow your content creator dreams with the vivo V27 Series, The Aura Portrait Master, now available for purchase at vivo's official stores nationwide. You can also get your vivo V27 at vivo's official website, Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok stores.

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