OFWs, here are 3 ways to show your family your love


Posted at Apr 21 2022 01:50 PM | Updated as of Apr 28 2022 08:31 AM

 Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels 

Long distance relationships or LDRs can be quite difficult. People who have family or loved ones living far away from them oftentimes feel lonely and have an intense longing to be near them. People do away with their sadness by calling, texting, or seeing their loved ones through video calls as often as they could. However, at times, one cannot help but yearn for more. 

So why not brighten up the day of family, friends, or loved ones even when you are living overseas by expressing your love for them through spontaneous but sweet gestures. 

 Send a sweet morning greeting

The time difference between countries can make it difficult to find the right time to talk with your loved ones. OFWs often have to deal with the person they want to talk to already fast asleep or in the middle of work. So, here is a cool tip that will remind them that even when your time zones are different, you will still find a way to make their mornings brighter. 

Photo source: Pexels
Photo source: Pexels 

It is nice to see a sweet morning greeting through online chatting apps from the people that you love but sending an SMS, especially when you are abroad, makes it more special because it takes effort to get the timing right and is costlier as you are in different countries. 

So, set your alarm and send them a timely text message as soon as they wake up. 

Send a thoughtful message

Work can get extra stressful during the day, but receiving a thoughtful note from a person you love can possibly make that instantly go away. 

Let them know that you are cheering for them. It does not have to be a long prose but a simple message that says "Hope you are doing well at work. You can do it!" can really inspire someone during the day. You can also remind them to eat well and not forget about setting aside adequate time for rest. 

Send a mobile load recharge

Since Filipinos mainly use prepaid sim cards, mobile load is essential for everyone. That is why a practical way to send love to someone in the Philippines is to send them a mobile load recharge.

Family members, friends, and loved ones outside the country can now do so using Ding. 

Ding is an international mobile recharge service that allows users even outside of the country to send load from any mobile device, anytime and anywhere. 

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All you have to do is download the Ding app through the App Store, Google Play or its website, input the mobile number and the correct mobile operator, choose the amount to send, select a payment method, and your load gift is sent.

There are no hidden charges when sending or receiving load, unlike recharged cards bought from local stores that may have international charges. The load you send is received in under 30 seconds, quite faster than the speed of receiving a text message. 

The person who receives the load has the freedom to use it however they want; they can use it for data, calls, texts, or even share the load with other friends and family. The load also enables them to do a lot such as study online, use online messaging services like WhatsApp, Viber, and FaceTime, stream or watch videos, and play games.

Ding is simple, quick, easy to use, and enables OFWs in any country to send a practical gift to the people they care about in the Philippines.

So, express how much you love and miss someone today by showing them that distance cannot keep your hearts apart.

Know more about Ding and the other services it offers by visiting its website. You can also watch their videos on YouTube and connect with them through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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