This Women’s Month, dare to be fearless, dare to be you


Posted at Mar 29 2019 05:29 PM | Updated as of Mar 29 2019 05:30 PM

The idea of having “perfect” hair has long been associated with silky, straight, black hair. 

Consequently, some girls who express themselves through different cuts and styles tend to be put under a microscope, giving them undue stress in having to fit within the traditional standards of beauty. 

Thus, they resort to straightening their curls, or to sticking to safe shades when dyeing their hair in order to fit in. 

Do we really have to live around such mold that continues to keep the definition of beauty within bounds and hold people back from being their true selves?

This National Women’s Month, we encourage you to be bold and fearless in your crowning glory. After all, there’s nothing like finding genuine happiness in the things that make you you—your hair included, be it curly, wavy, colored, or short—and this is something Dove has always believed in. 

Take inspiration from the video above in sporting whatever style you like and embracing who you really are.

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