A man's modern guide to bathing and grooming


Posted at Mar 28 2018 01:57 PM | Updated as of Mar 28 2018 02:00 PM

Your father's ways just wouldn't cut it anymore

Patrick Coddou on Unsplash

As much as we know how many of you gentlemen look up to your dads when it comes to just about anything and everything, we're calling it: If you want to look your dashing best in this day and age, your father's grooming tips have to be given a fresher spin. 

Check out these bathing and grooming hacks we've compiled to update your regimen:

THEN: Slap on shaving cream, then shave.
NOW: Squeaky clean skin will result in a smoother shave. Exfoliate your skin before shaving with a scrub enriched with natural ingredients for optimum cleansing, and to lift your hair to prevent razor burns. Steer clear of scrubs with microbeads, as they may cause irritation when used before shaving.

THEN: Razor burns? Treat it with an ointment or adhesive bandage. 
NOW: Lip balm can also serve as the ultimate soother for shaving cuts. Just get a bit of product and dab gently on your cut to seal the wound—the wax does a really good job. 

THEN: Thinning hair? Slap on aloe vera.
NOW: Here's a haircut hack that does wonders for those dealing with baldness--keep your sides cropped short, and the top short as well. Brush hair to the side, and ditch any kind of part to suavely conceal your problem areas.

THEN: Want to smell real good all day long? Get a strong perfume or constantly reapply your scent.
NOW: Make your scent last longer by dabbing petroleum jelly on areas where you will spray your fragrance such as points on the neck, wrist, elbow, back of your earlobes, and nape.

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