5 must-haves for a safer and smarter home

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Posted at Mar 22 2021 09:20 AM

5 must-haves for a safer and smarter home 1

Living in the new normal has made everyone put on the extra effort and necessary precautions to keep their home and families safe. This can be a lot of work, especially when you do not have the devices and appliances to make it easier.
With people expecting a higher standard of hygiene and cleanliness, investing in smart home appliances may just be the solution you need to help with the safety and security of everyone at home.

5 must-haves for a safer and smarter home 2

As the world remains at a heightened alert for infections, there is a high risk that families may be exposed to contaminated areas and objects. Cherry Home, a company that provides a smart way of living, aims to give its consumers the confidence of being safe when staying as well as leaving the comfort of their homes amidst this current health situation.

Check out these five must-have items that can add an extra layer of protection to your home. 

UV Sterilizer Wand

5 must-haves for a safer and smarter home 3

Humans are not the only ones vulnerable during this time, even pets are at risk, too. With the UV Sterilizer Wand, you and your pets get an added protection as it can help kill germs, viruses, molds, and other allergens. This portable UV wand helps consumers sanitize and sterilize pet's food, water, and toys, along with everyday household items like door handles, cellphones, and car seats. 
Its handy and lightweight design makes it easy for users to hover the wand over the targeted areas and clean it afterward. It can also sanitize your pet's drinking water because of its waterproof feature. 
This device has 2.5 hours of battery life and a built-in rechargeable battery, so you can disinfect more items at home. 
Smart Video Doorbell

5 must-haves for a safer and smarter home 4

As more families continue adapting to online shopping and home deliveries, family members can now keep an eye out for strangers. This smart device offers its users a sense of comfort and security when answering their doors because they can monitor the doorstep to see who is ringing the doorbell. 

Homeowners can feel safe no matter what time of the day as it has a night vision feature and motion sensor. Its camera provides HD (high definition) resolution that allows clear screenshots and recorded videos of visitors. Users can playback these videos and pictures whenever they want due to its cloud storage.
It features two-way audio giving users a chance to talk to the person behind the camera through a phone and vice versa. This gives added security as you do not need to go out and face the other person to communicate.
Smart Entrance Lock

5 must-haves for a safer and smarter home 5

An additional home security system worth investing in is a smarter door lock. 

The Cherry Home Smart Entrance Lock features five ways to unlock your doors. Homeowners can use their fingerprint, numeric passcode, RFID card, physical key, and remote access unlock via the Cherry Home App. This way, users do not have to touch doorknobs especially after being exposed outside.
This multiple-entry feature gives homeowners security that only members with a code can get inside their house. Users can also let visitors in no matter where they are by providing them with a one-time passcode generated from the Cherry Home App.
Smart Security Sensor

5 must-haves for a safer and smarter home 6

Another innovation from Cherry Home is its Windoor Sensor that can be installed in both windows and doors. This security sensor may also be used for dressers, cabinets, or any enclosed space that needs entry.
This device allows homeowners to keep track of every action made, like its open and close history record. It features a tamper alert that notifies owners if someone is using force to pull the device out. Users can also adjust its trigger setting to filter what notifications they want to receive. 
IR Transceiver 

5 must-haves for a safer and smarter home 7

The IR Transceiver is a Wi-Fi-based infrared blaster that can remotely control home appliances like the TV, air conditioner, and other products through your phone. It provides users a way to control their appliances through their mobile devices, lessening the need to touch any surface that may be contaminated. 
All these Cherry Home products can be controlled with just one tap by installing the Cherry Home App, helping homeowners lessen their exposure to high-touch surfaces like switches, remote controls, electrical outlets, and other appliances.

Smart home technologies are a good investment during the new normal. Apart from that, homeowners will find that this added layer of security transcends the current health situation as a smarter home can aid in safeguarding the family's safety no matter what happens. 

To know more about smart devices that can keep your home safe, visit Cherry Home's Facebook page and its website.

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