Make sandwiches more appetizing with these 3 affordable ideas

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Posted at Mar 19 2019 01:03 PM | Updated as of Mar 19 2019 04:52 PM

Sandwiches have been an all-time favorite snack. It is easy-to-do, lunchbox-friendly, and would surely deliver a delicious taste in every bite. But sometimes, it might be hard for parents to prepare sandwiches regularly due to soaring prices of basic goods. 

Making sandwiches should not come at a high cost. Good thing there are easy kitchen hacks that parents can try to save money and time while preparing a sandwich without compromising its appetizing look and flavor:

1. Adding kitchen staples as ingredient

It may come as a surprise to most homemakers but all it takes for a sandwich to taste better are simple ingredients which can usually be found in the kitchen, like extra eggs and vegetables.

Parents generally purchase eggs in bulk because they are cheaper than buying per piece. As a result, a number of spare eggs are commonly left in the fridge for long periods of time. Why not put them to good use?

You can cook them however you want, either sunny side up, scrambled, or hardboiled. These versatile high-protein “superfood” is a surefire way of giving the sandwich a tasty yet healthy twist.

Vegetables also make great sandwich filling. Like eggs, they are a common sight in the kitchen. Homemakers can add slices of tomatoes or lettuce to bring the sandwich to the next level. Make sure these are fresh and washed before using.

2. Molding the sandwich in fun shapes

Kids learn best visually, and sometimes, this applies to appreciation of snacks too. Make the most of this by forming the sandwich in fun and enjoyable shapes and figures. 

Use cookie cutters to form sandwich bread in different shapes such as flowers, hearts, and stars. Got cutters shaped as butterflies, cars or just the usual round-shape molder? That would work too. 

A wise owl design can also make as a good sandwich theme. Cutting a semi-circle shape at the top of the sandwich bread would form what appears as an owl's head. 

No matter how parents do it, a thoughtful presentation would surely lead to a more enjoyable snack time for their children. 

3. Choosing the right and affordable spread

Sandwich spread can easily turn snack time from typical to extraordinary with only a few smears. It takes the sandwich to a whole new level of deliciousness, and this is why choosing the right one is important.

From different flavors and prices, picking what is suited for the family's taste buds can be confusing. What should parents look for in a sandwich spread? 

First off, it must not be too expensive. The family has other expenses, too. A good sandwich spread should help parents pull off a tasty snack time every day within the bounds of their budget.

Children's palates are always looking for something new. To fill this need, a sandwich spread must come in different mouthwatering flavors.

In essence, the right sandwich spread must be tasty, give value for money, and has a wide variety of flavors.

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