How to make school baon more exciting for kids?

Lady's Choice

Posted at Mar 19 2019 12:49 PM

Getting picky children to eat what's healthy and good for their growing bodies is every parent's nightmare. 

Kids could be picky on what to eat, causing parents and guardians to worry about children's health and energy.

This habit can be seen in school where children often leave their packed snacks or baon untouched, making them miss the opportunity to load up on energy for classroom activities.

Parents, make kids feel excited to eat their snacks by doing these tips:

1. Involve them in preparation

When given the opportunity to take part in preparing their snack, children are more likely to eat it. This gives them the freedom to pick a treat for themselves with the guidance of the parents.

It is also a great way for parents to teach their kids values and skills in the kitchen such as the importance of reducing uneaten food. 

2. Add fruit slices as 'side snacks'

After doing fun-filled activities at school, the next thing children look forward to is the snack time. It is the time to refresh and regain their energy. 

For most of them, it is not enough to eat a single snack during merienda. When the main snack is eaten, the tendency is to go to the canteen and buy unhealthy packed chips.

To prevent this, adding slices of fruits into the child's packed meal might be a good idea. Slices of flavorful and affordable fruits like apples, oranges, or bananas provide better alternatives to packed chips. These fruits are packed with nutrients to boost their energy for the remaining school activity.

3. Explore more flavor for their taste buds

Kids are usually inquisitive and as they grow up, they are willing to try new experience, adventures, and of course, flavors. They are always on the look out for something new, not just for their minds, but also for their taste buds.

One way to satisfy their palates is by giving kids an easy-to-prepare snack, such as sandwich, to present them delectable new flavors. 

Don't know the best flavor suited for children's taste buds? Worry no more as using Lady’s Choice Meaty Spread is one way to make baon more exciting for schoolchildren. 

It comes with different flavors to try: ham, tuna, chicken, and bacon. It is filled with real meat that the kids would surely love. 

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