Creating opportunities for women in e-commerce


Posted at Mar 15 2021 10:52 AM | Updated as of Mar 15 2021 10:54 AM

Creating opportunities for women in e-commerce 1

Despite being one of the slower countries to completely embrace digital, 2020 has seen an upward trend of Filipinos making online purchases for products and services.

This accelerated acceptance of virtual shopping has proved beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to make a name for their brand in saturated markets. 

Creating opportunities for women in e-commerce 2

E-commerce platform Lazada hosted its inaugural Lazada Forward Women Awards 2021 recently on International Women’s Day last March 8. The event was meant to empower and recognize women across Southeast Asia who were starting a business and building their brand online.

Just as Lazada changed the way people shop and purchase products, it has also changed the lives of many women entrepreneurs. The digital platform has created plenty of opportunities for women to show that they can grow their online business and become successful.

The Forward Women Awards celebrated the different achievements of women entrepreneurs. It acknowledged six outstanding women sellers – women who showcased their innovative and creative side in building their brand in the virtual space. It also highlighted how they conquered and overcame challenging circumstances in their personal lives and businesses.

As Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Group Chun Li said, "I am honored to be amongst such inspirational women today. You found interesting and unique ways to leverage the Lazada platform to not only establish your online business but also to engage customers and build a niche following while uplifting the lives around you. Lazada is proud to be your partner and have the opportunity to be part of your successful journey."

The Forward Women Awards 2021 comprised three award categories: the Creative Seller Award, Enterprising Seller Award, and Inspiring Seller Award.

Creating opportunities for women in e-commerce 3

One of the Enterprising Seller awardees was Georgianna Carlos, a Filipina entrepreneur and founder of Fetch! on Lazada Philippines.

Carlos started her own e-commerce website in 2017 and launched her first eco-friendly pet care line called Fetch!. She then joined Lazada in 2018 as a seller to widen the reach of her online business. 

"Lazada is recognizing our efforts in trying to show the world the kind of quality products Philippine companies can make," said Carlos.

She shared that Lazada has a team that is very much involved in keeping their online business successful. "Every time there is a pet-themed sale, they try to support us through free homepage banners and the like."

Carlos also faced numerous challenges in the business. She and her team experienced the hardship in shipping items from one area to another as well as potential mishandling. Because Fetch! products are natural, its shelf life is shorter than other products. 

Lazada helped Carlos in overcoming these challenges as the brand made it easier to reach customers from different places. Lazada also provided a cheaper shipping method.

''At Lazada, our goal is to empower small businesses and help them grow in the digital economy. We are happy to foster an ever-growing community of female entrepreneurs as they continue to make their mark and uplift the industry with their inspiring stories,'' said Ray Alimurung, Lazada Philippines Chief Executive Officer.

Carlos was just one of the many empowered women who have found success in the e-commerce space, and she definitely will not be the last. As platforms such as Lazada continues aiding small entrepreneurs on their journey, the local online economy will continue to thrive and grow in diversity. 

To know more about the Forward Women Awards 2021, visit Lazada's Facebook page. Sign up as a seller on Lazada today.

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