LOOK: Smartphone with Aura Portrait Algorithm


Posted at Mar 14 2023 04:54 PM | Updated as of Mar 14 2023 04:55 PM

Photo source: vivo Philippines
Photo source: vivo Philippines

Thousands of content online are competing around the globe to be noticed. Even if you are not a clout chaser, you still want your photo or video to be liked by your friends and followers.

Here are some of the things to remember when taking shots of your content:
● Be creative, but stay genuine. 
● Know your platform and the orientation you want your content to come out in.
● Make sure that the lighting is good and the quality is clear.

vivo is introducing a one-of-its-kind smartphone technology to the Philippine market soon. Weeks after vivo teased its fans about a new smartphone that offers a unique way to level up your mobile photography game, the brand promises to deliver.

Before the month ends, vivo fans will meet another smartphone– the #TheAuraPortraitMaster. Known for its smartphone photography technologies, vivo developed the vivo V27 Series as a go-to device for photography enthusiasts and content creators. 

Here is what you need to know about the new vivo V27 Series and why it was dubbed as 'The Studio in Your Pocket'. 

Light up your Aura with the Aura Portrait Algorithm

Aura is simply the quality or energy that a person radiates, but most people can barely see. vivo takes this energy to a whole new level as it equipped the vivo V27 Series with the Aura Portrait Algorithm. vivo fans will love this new feature as it enables users to capture their best aura anytime and anywhere. 

The Aura Portrait Algorithm is not just a play of lights, but an entire innovation that resulted from vivo's mastery of the art of photography. From an additional studio-quality light source, and a big ultra-sensing camera, up to advanced portrait modes in a compact body, the vivo V27 Series is designed to help capture professional images and videos. 

This innovation carries vivo's full set of portrait algorithms, such as color and brightness adjustments and bokeh capabilities for good image processing. Imagine having the same photo quality as your favorite magazine covers by only using a smartphone. The vivo V27 Series allows users to take photos with clear and natural output, thanks to the Aura Portrait Algorithm's power to make the skin look vibrant and facial details defined. 

Power up your smartphone with professional lenses

With its partnerships with global photography leaders - the vivo V27 Series will carry a professional lens. The vivo V27 Series is expected to be equipped with Sony IMX 766V for good image quality either in a well-lit scenario or even more in low-light situations - making it a 'Studio in Your Pocket'.

Get ready for your vlogger era with superior image mobility

Motion is as important as the rest in terms of photography and vivo promises to cover this feature in its latest flagship device. vivo officially introduces an advanced OIS+EIS Dual Ultra Stabilization in its V Series which was previously only available in its X Series. This feature complements the vivo V27 Series' camera prowess to capture in-motion photos and videos for spontaneous and fun photoshoots right in your pocket. 

Strut with a unique and stylish device

vivo will introduce a new and unique color to complement the phone's distinctive appearance. Its cool tone – the new Emerald Green colorway combined with vivo's very own Photochromic 2.0 Technology delivers an eye-catching look to the new V27 series. This Studio in Your Pocket is expected to have an ultra-thin body and thin 3D curved screen in vivo's V Series history.

Continue to keep your eyes peeled until vivo announces its official availability on its social media pages. Follow vivo's official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages to get the most up-to-date information on the new vivo V27 series.

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