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Posted at Mar 08 2023 02:36 PM

 Photo source: Samsung Philippines
Photo source: Samsung Philippines

People are constantly on blistering speed – that is why they need a gadget that can move as fast as their pace, support their passions and advocacies, and offer limitless possibilities. 

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 last February 2, 2023, marking a new era of Samsung Galaxy's phone experience. 

With the Galaxy S23 Series, users have the freedom to explore their creativity in capturing sharp and clear photos and videos even in low-light with improved Nightography and the Ultra's 200-megapixel camera system. The Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy unleashes premium experiences, including AI, future-ready mobile gaming features and sustained game play with one of the world's fastest mobile graphics. 

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has an embedded S Pen that many long-time Samsung Galaxy users know and love as it offers possibilities for productivity, note taking, hobbies and more. 

Photo source: Samsung Philippines
Photo source: Samsung Philippines

To also advance the company's sustainability commitment, all the Galaxy S23 series' new innovations are housed within a design with components made using more recycled materials than any other Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

"The value of impactful technology is measured, not just by what it enables for people today, but also how it contributes to a better future," shares TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. "The entire Galaxy S series lineup is the new standard-bearer of trustworthy premium smartphone experiences. We're on a mission to redefine peak performance by bringing together powerful, lasting innovations and sustainability."

More megapixels and creative controls from day to night

Photo source: Samsung Philippines
Photo source: Samsung Philippines

Aside from its speed, design, and sustainability, the Galaxy S23 Ultra makes it easy for any level of photographer to capture good content. It offers Samsung Galaxy's advanced camera system, tailored for nearly any lighting conditions and engineered to render good detail. 

Improved Nightography capabilities transform how the Galaxy S series optimizes photos and videos in a wide range of ambient conditions. Filming a favorite song at a concert, snapping a selfie at the aquarium, or grabbing a group shot of friends at dinner — users can get sharp images and videos. Visual noise that usually ruins low-light images is corrected by a new AI-powered image signal processing (ISP) algorithm that helps enhance object details and color tone. 

In a Samsung Galaxy-first, Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts a new 200MP Adaptive Pixel sensor that captures epic moments with incredible precision. It uses pixel binning to help support multiple levels of high-resolution processing at once. Also, since selfie cameras are more important than ever to how we communicate today, the Galaxy S23 series introduces fast autofocus and our first Super HDR selfie camera, jumping from 30fps to 60fps, for noticeably good front-facing images and videos.

For users who want the ultimate creative control and customization, the Galaxy S23 series offers a suite of tools that differentiate any photography experience. The Expert RAW app, available exclusively on Samsung Galaxy, enables DSLR-style image shooting and editing in RAW and JPEG — no bulky camera equipment is required. 

Users may experiment with multiple exposures, photo art, or capture a clear view of the Milky Way with Astrophoto settings, and now, after being downloaded on Galaxy S23, Expert RAW features can be accessed within Samsung's native Camera app. Meanwhile, the new zoom capabilities on Galaxy Watch series' Camera Controller app helps empower users to capture a framed shot right from their wrist.
On Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23, the iconic Samsung Galaxy camera also gets an upgraded look. The contour housing has been removed, marking a new era of essential Galaxy design that makes the entire series stand out.

Performance for the future of mobile gaming

Photo source: Samsung Philippines
Photo source: Samsung Philippines

For creators and gamers alike, the desire to push limits and constantly reimagine what is possible requires technology that outpaces expectations. Together, Samsung and Qualcomm optimized the Samsung Galaxy experience with the brand new "Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy", has a platform that ranks top among the Samsung Galaxy smartphones and it also has one of the fastest Snapdragons available as of today. 

Meanwhile, on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, a 5000mAh battery powers a larger camera than the Galaxy S22 Ultra's camera, without increasing the device's size. 

A newly designed CPU microarchitecture helps boost the processing abilities of the Galaxy S23 series by about 30 percent compared to the Galaxy S22 series. Capturing stunning photos in low light requires trillions of calculations per second, so Samsung Galaxy's efficient NPU architecture has been optimized by 49 percent to balance performance and power while using an AI algorithm to help users take good photos and videos. One of the most significant improvements to the Galaxy S23 series is the optimized GPU, which is approximately 41 percent faster compared to the Galaxy S22 series and designed especially for power users.

In anticipation of the future of ultimate digital realism, the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes ready to support real-time ray tracing as it comes to the mobile gaming mainstream. Users will be able to see noticeably more lifelike renderings of scenes, thanks to technology that simulates and tracks every ray of light. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy's vapor chamber, now bigger and available on every Galaxy S23 series model, keeps the user's gaming marathon going. 

All this power underpins the Galaxy S23 Ultra's 6.8-inch edge display with a reduced curvature to create a large and flat surface area for good visual experience on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. 

Samsung Galaxy's unique Enhanced Comfort feature allows users to adjust color tones and contrast levels, lessening eye strain from screen time at night. Vision booster now adjusts at three levels of lighting instead of two to combat brightness and glare in daylight. 

Designed with the planet in mind

The Galaxy S23 series raises the bar for premium technology that may help enrich people's lives and help contribute to a healthier planet. Since the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung Galaxy has increased its use of recycled materials from six internal components in the Galaxy S22 Ultra to 12 internal and external components for this year's lineup. 

The Galaxy S23 series also has a wide variety of recycled materials than any other Galaxy smartphone, including pre-consumer recycled aluminum and glass and post-consumer recycled plastics sourced from discarded fishing nets, PET bottles and water barrels. 

In addition, the new Galaxy S series is one of the first to market Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® 2, offering durability for long-term use and consisting of an average of 22 percent pre-consumer recycled content. Plus, every Galaxy S23 smartphone comes in a redesigned packaging box which applies paper made with 100 percent recycled paper. 

With the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung is doing more to help minimize its impact on the environment without compromising quality and aesthetic. The Galaxy S23 series is UL ECOLOGO® certified26, meaning that the product has been certified for reduced environmental impact. 

For users who want to extend the life of their device, the Galaxy S23 series' experience may be sustained through the years with four generations of OS upgrades and five years of security updates. To enhance its longevity, users may also leverage programs such as Samsung Care, a support service for accidental damages, repairs and more. 

Transparent experience without compromise

Secure and private experiences are the foundation of the Galaxy S23 series. Every smartphone comes with end-to-end Samsung Knox protection, which has received various government and industry certifications.

The Security and Privacy Dashboard on Samsung Galaxy gives users full visibility over who has access to their data and how it is being used. With just a glance, it is easy to see if personal data is at risk and receive simple prompts to change settings for a more secure experience. Users may also decide which applications and programs get access to their data and how it can be used.

For an added layer of security, Knox Vault, which was first introduced on the Galaxy S21 series, helps protect critical information on the Galaxy S23 series by isolating it from the rest of the device, including the OS, for added protection against vulnerabilities. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series. Photo source: Samsung Philippines
Samsung Galaxy S23 Series. Photo source: Samsung Philippines

Value made available for everyone

The Galaxy S23 series comes in four nature-inspired matte hues: Phantom Black, Cream, Green and Lavender. The Galaxy S23 retails for P53,990 for the 128GB variant, and P57,990 for the 256GB variant. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S23+ starts at P68,990 for 256GB variant, and P76,990 for the 512GB variant. Lastly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is available at P81,990 and P89,990 for the 256GB and 512GB variants respectively. A 1TB Galaxy S23 Ultra is also available at P103,990.

From now until March 31, 2023, customers who purchase the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, or the Galaxy S23 Ultra through will enjoy great deals. Those who will trade-in their old devices can also enjoy savings of up to P13,000 on top of their old phone's residual value. In addition, they will get a 50% discount on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and 30% off on the Galaxy Watch5 Series. 

The Galaxy S23 Series is also available for pre-order through Samsung Experience Stores, Authorized Samsung Stores, Lazada, Shopee, and MemoXpress Online. 

For more information about Galaxy S23 series, visit their website, or visit na Galaxy S23 page, or get the latest updates at their website or visit the Samsung Global page for Galaxy.

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