What healthy but flavorful snack options to prepare for kids

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Posted at Mar 08 2019 11:47 AM | Updated as of Mar 08 2019 01:44 PM

Moms and kids sometimes clash when deciding on snacks. Kids love flavorful food - a handful of their favorite chips, or a bite of a sweet donut are sure to delight them. They crave it, and even demand it when the urge is strong. 

When kids indulge in sugary or salty snacks, they tend to go above the daily recommended intake of 'go' or carbohydrate-rich food, but lack the needed intake of 'grow' or protein-rich food, and 'glow' or mineral-rich food.

Instead of allowing kids to munch on junk food, for instance, parents can introduce them to alternatives that are fortified with nutrients they need to fuel for the day.

Among the easy-to-prepare "grow" food for kids are dairy products such as eggs, milk, and yoghurt. They are delicious and easy to purchase. A quick visit to the supermarket and one can find these foods with ease. 

Being fortified with protein and fat, these "grow" foods for merienda can help kids achieve a body that is bigger and stronger.

"Glow" foods meanwhile are full of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin D, that aid the development of a healthy skin, hair, and eyes. 

All fruits and vegetables are included in this food classification. One way to make kids eat their veggies and fruits is to level up their taste. Parents can opt to serve vegetable sticks with dip, yoghurt, or cheese. 

Fruits can be served in cool and delicious shakes. They can also be served in a bowl, giving the children a freedom to relish themselves with different fruity flavors.

Parents would always seek the best way to serve a healthy meal - even merienda - for their kids. Not just vegetables, fruits, and milk, even the usual snack such as sandwich must be fortified with essential nutrients for the kids' body development.

In making a sandwich, the spread is important as it gives the bun its taste and additional nutrients.

One of the favorite choices for sandwich spread is the mayonnaise. Aside from giving every sandwich a goodness taste, a single spoonful of mayonnaise can be full of nutrients as well. 

Mayonnaise helps the body maintain a good shape. It has the mix of protein, carbohydrates, and good fats which have different roles in body functions such as promotion of muscle growth, energy production, and nutrient absorption. 

It is also good for the heart. It has omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which helps protect the heart against diseases. 

Overall, filling the sandwich with mayonnaise can help kids grow up strong and healthy, and puts parents' mind at ease.

When a choosing a mayonnaise, parents must go with a product that has good taste and real meaty bits, just like Lady's Choice Meaty Spreads. Fill kids' taste buds with wide range of flavors to choose from: bacon, ham, chicken, or tuna.

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