Filipinas are now conditioned to be greater than ever

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Posted at Mar 05 2021 01:58 PM | Updated as of Mar 05 2021 02:29 PM

Filipinas are now conditioned to be greater than ever 1
Mano Amiga co-founder Lynn Pinugu motivated fellow Filipinas to bounce back at the 2021 Cream Silk #ConditionedForGreater Summit last March 1, 2021. (Photo: Cream Silk #ConditionedForGreater Academy)

Even distinguished Pinays from different industries were not spared from a challenging year, but they powered through and proved that they can be greater than ever. Proving that anyone can rise above the challenges and take this opportunity to restart and become the best version of themselves. 

Talking at the recently-concluded 2021 Cream Silk #ConditionedForGreater Summit, social entrepreneur and Mano Amiga co-founder Lynn Pinugu shared that her foundation had lost almost P12 million worth of funding for their scholarship programs last year.

''Some partners had to stop funding us completely because they were also hit, which meant that they had to prioritize their funding to support their own employees, while others felt that there were more urgent causes,'' she said.

Mano Amiga has given over 2,000 scholarships from kinder to tenth grade. Pinugu worried for the people who were depending on her – from her employees who needed the livelihood to the children and parents relying on the foundation for quality education.

But how did Pinugu bounce back?

''First of all, we gave ourselves time to mourn,'' Pinugu said. ''Just acknowledge the fact that we were going through something difficult. But after about two or three weeks, I decided to meet with every single member of my team and I reminded them of what it was like for us when Mano Amiga was just beginning.''

Pinugu's formula was ''learning, relearning, and unlearning.''

''First, we unlearned the things that we were used to in terms of delivering a good education. We had a big campus, but that does not matter anymore because our kids could not go there, so we had to re-learn how to teach. We sought out experts, teachers, who have been doing online courses even before the pandemic and we asked them to train us so we could understand what are the best practices that apply now in this new normal. And most importantly, we learned new skills.''

To be greater than ever, Pinugu stressed the importance of evolving. ''Not just hard work, and not just grit, but really the desire to learn and constantly [doing an] upskill can lead to the path of greatness.''

Cream Silk collaborated with online youth platform to upskill Filipinas as they offered free 1-hour online courses such as Sales 101, Communications 101, and Project Management 101. The participants were given a Certified Learning Badge after these courses to unlock a Job Fair Portal. Job seekers had the opportunity to submit their curriculum vitae to top-hiring companies and many were interviewed right away. 

Filipinas are now conditioned to be greater than ever 2
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach gave an inspirational talk to the participants of Cream Silk's Conditioned For Greater Summit (Photo: Cream Silk #ConditionedForGreater Academy)
Filipinas are now conditioned to be greater than ever 3
Host Marie Lozano talked to inspiring girl bosses Arielle Escalona, Ayn Bernos, Vern and Verniece Enciso at the #ConditionedForGreater Summit. (Photo: Cream Silk #ConditionedForGreater Academy)

Other Pinay girl bosses who lent their voices include Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, lifestyle bloggers and VV&Co Fragrance founders Vern and Verniece Enciso, Arielle Escalona of Pure Nectar, and Ayn Bernos of Morena The Label. They were united in sharing the message that as the world gets difficult and challenging, Filipinas can always be conditioned to be greater.

The Cream Silk Conditioned for Greater Online Academy is up year long. Take the free courses and apply to the job opportunities with their partner hiring companies. Visit today.

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