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Posted at Feb 17 2023 11:43 AM

Photo source: Pexels [LINK OUT 'Pexels':
Photo source: Pexels

There are many ways to express love. It can be through grand gestures such as surprise getaways or rooftop dinners with a significant other, or it can also be a quiet everyday kind of love that includes little reminders sent through texts or helping out a parent or sibling with chores at home. 

Peace of mind can also be an expression of love. There is no better way to say 'I love you' than by thinking ahead and ensuring that your loved ones can fulfill their hopes and dreams no matter what life throws their way.

AIA Philippines, one of the country's premier life insurance companies, is ready to help out. With its suite of products that help address your protection, health, wellness, and long-term savings needs, backed by its financial capability, you can be sure that your family's future is protected from untoward life events.

Sure and secure

Tin Manalaysay, a commercial model, shows her mother her appreciation by spending time with her. 

"I owe everything I have to my mom who started from being my sole provider to my best friend. Now that I am working, I promised to spoil and pamper her. We have our little rituals together, from going to the salon on Saturdays and trying out new restaurants on Sundays. I always make sure that I buy her something sweet for dessert." shares Manalaysay. 

Manalaysay also made sure that her mom is protected by BPI AIA, availing of the Build Life Plus, and the Invest Plus Peso products. 

"When I got sick, she was the one who worried and looked after me. Now that I am working, I made it a point to ensure that her future is protected and secure. We have two insurance policies, so that if something happens to me, she will continue to be taken care of."

Photo source: AIA
Photo source: AIA

Arnold Damian also entrusted his family's future to AIA Philippines. The 28-year-old engineer suffered from a ministroke at an early age, and as the breadwinner of his family, that made him more concerned about their future. He adopted a healthier lifestyle and joined the AIA Vitality program to motivate him on his wellness journey. He also opted for the Family Provider and All-In-One Plus insurance coverage for his family, so that they are protected against any eventuality. 

"I was 23 years old when I acquired my first insurance policy. I wanted to provide financial security for myself and for my family. It is my way of showing my love for them," says Damian. 

Damian adds that with the help of his AIA policy, he was also able to prepare for a big expense and buy his family a house and lot.

For children's book author Ivanna dela Torre and her husband Chino, family is the most important thing, and their love language is spending time with their three-year-old son Felipe. They love having fun spur-of-the-moment activities, but also appreciate the value of planning ahead. This is why they invested in an AIA Critical Protect 100 policy. 

"I want Felipe to grow up without having to worry about any health challenge that might come in the future. This is really the best language of love that we can show him; that he feels that we have planned for his life. We have planned for his family and for our family. Regardless what happens, and regardless what comes our or his way later on, we know he is protected," shares dela Torre.

When Alfredo Florendo was orphaned at an age when he was not yet financially ready, he worked hard to provide a good life for his younger sibling. The most important person in his life is his sister, who endured a challenging childhood alongside him. Now that he is a professional teacher and licensed financial advisor, he made sure that his sister's future is secure with BPI AIA Critical Care Max. 

The determined breadwinner says that because of his insurance coverage, his sibling will be free from worry and financial burden in case he gets sick or when grows old. 

"We experienced losing our parents and we know the emotional and financial difficulties that come with death. I do not want that to happen again, I want to make sure I will not be a burden to my family but instead be a blessing until the day I am gone," shares Florendo in a touching message. 

Like Manalaysay, Damian, dela Torre, and Florendo, you may also share your love with your family by making sure that they are protected when faced with life's challenges. 

Their stories are part of AIA's newest campaign and recently launched song in collaboration with Gary Valenciano and Chito Miranda, titled 'It's Real Love'. The campaign aims to show the many forms of love, and the ultimate expression is the gift of protection through an AIA Philippines or BPI AIA insurance plan.

AIA has over 75 years of expertise as a partner in helping Filipinos live healthier, longer, better lives.

Photo source: AIA
Photo source: AIA

Check out the song of Gary Valenciano and Chito Miranda's collaboration and hear Manalaysay, Damian, dela Torre, and Florendo's story and its heartfelt lyrics. To find out more about how AIA Philippines and BPI AIA can protect you and your loved ones, visit their website or the BPI-AIA website, and follow their social media sites on Instagram and AIA Philippines Facebook or BPI AIA Facebook. 

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