What lipstick shade to wear when

Ever Bilena

Posted at Feb 16 2017 04:39 PM | Updated as of Mar 17 2017 11:27 AM

“What do I feel like wearing today?”

This is the question that many girls ask themselves all too often when getting ready to leave the house. And it’s not just a question that pertains to an outfit, but even to this small yet impactful detail called the lipstick shade.

They say shoes can make or break an outfit, but take a closer look, and you’ll realize that a lipstick shade which doesn’t go well with what you’re wearing could break your overall look just the same.

Girls take on different looks or styles every day, so having a collection of lipsticks to mix and match with their outfits is a must.

Update your makeup stash and shop for the Ever Bilena Luxe lipstick collection (P175 each). It isn’t called luxe for nothing, because it gives lips a luscious feel with its rich semi-satin finish. It contains vitamin E that keeps lips soft, supple and moisturized. The EB Luxe collection comes in six lipstick shades.

Once you’re done shopping for the whole collection (something which you surely won’t be able to resist doing), take on this easy-peasy beauty challenge: wear a different shade of lipstick every day for a week.


It’s the start of the week, and you’re naturally excited and refreshed to go to school or work. Let that energy reflect on your look. Use the bright pink Enchanted shade.


Going to a meeting? Don’t let stress and pressure show. Pucker up with a red-orange shade like the Charm.


It’s the middle of the workweek. Boredom may be slowly sinking in, and your energy may be running low. Make your look exciting with a bold purple Queen shade.


The prospect of a fun weekend is making you smile. Keep that smile on and make it prettier with a girly subtle pink shade like the Princess.


Friday night out? Match your sophisticated sexy outfit with a classy red shade of lipstick aptly called the Goddess.


It’s finally the weekend. Match your laid-back ensemble with the effortlessly chic brown Diva shade.


Give your lips some rest. Moisturize them, and get ready for another beautiful and exciting week ahead. Wear the six shades in a different sequence!

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