5 things you need to do before the Virtual Career Fair


Posted at Feb 15 2021 12:27 PM

According to the latest information from the Labor Force Survey of the Philippine Statistics Authority, the country's unemployment rate rose to 10.2 percent in 2020 – that means more than 420,000 Filipinos lost their jobs due to the health crisis. 

Despite these disheartening figures, do not let it dampen your spirits because organizations are gearing up to help Filipinos find jobs and rebuild the local economy. 

JobStreet, one of the leading online employment marketplaces in Asia, will be holding a Virtual Career Fair from February 17 to 21, 2021. This online event aims to help Filipinos find jobs, and not just any job but ones that actually matter in the long run. 

5 things you need to do before the Virtual Career Fair 1

To make the best out of this opportunity, preparing ahead of time is key. Here are some things every job seeker needs to do before the career fair. 

Prepare your resume

Prepare a physical and digital copy of your resume, biodata, or curriculum vitae so that you are ready to submit it to your potential employer. Better yet, create a JobStreet profile where you can input all this information for a faster process. 

Learned some new skills while sheltering at home? Be sure to add it in. Signed up for some online classes? Do not forget to note them. All these little things can help you be a more desirable candidate in the eyes of recruiters. 

Ready your device and internet connection

JobStreet has utilized the latest technology in the hiring process, so that candidates and hirers can have full-on digital recruitment at the event. The Virtual Career Fair will have a live chat feature with prospective employers, free Facebook livestreams of career experts, and thousands of jobs that are hiring on the spot. JobStreet is also giving away prizes from the daily raffle draw. 

So, before the career fair, charge up your phone or laptop and check your data so that you do not miss any of those virtual activities.

Research on the jobs you want

Compile a list of jobs and companies that you wish to apply to, so that you can better look at all the options presented to you and submit applications easier on the day. Research on different participating companies to get an idea of what working with them will be like. During the fair, companies have virtual booths set up where they will upload content in various media formats to help you get to know them better. 

It will also be a good practice to note down your priorities such as work location or company culture and non-negotiables like salary and benefits. 

Practice answering interview questions

Any hopeful candidate will go through a Chatbot Pre-screening where they will answer AI preset questions and if they are short-listed, they will get to Live Chat or Video interview with the potential employer. Knowing this, it will help if you can practice answering different interview questions. Apart from the standard ones, try to also come up with quick responses to some quirky questions

And should you make a misstep, check out this article for tips on an interview gone wrong. 

Pre-register on the website

Over 50,000 jobs will be available at the event and anyone can join to get a shot at their dream job. Hopeful candidates only need to pre-register in the Virtual Career Fair website and wait for the fair to start.

To know more about this upcoming Virtual Career Fair and remain in the loop for any updates, visit JobStreet Philippines' website or Facebook page. #JobsThatMatter

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