Quick, easy, and budget-friendly dessert recipes for supermoms

M.Y. San Grahams

Posted at Feb 15 2018 06:55 PM | Updated as of Sep 26 2018 09:40 AM

Preparing yummy food is just one of the many responsibilities of a supermom.

Most of the time, supermoms are swamped by other chores, from cleaning the house to washing clothes and ironing uniforms. Not to mention that some moms also have full-time jobs, apart from parenting.

That's why it is important to discover quick, easy, and budget-friendly recipes. Take inspiration from the recipes of these working moms:

1. S'mores by Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez

It's sweet, and it goes well with milk!

While it sounds "sosyal", preparing s'mores doesn't have to be expensive. All you need are the right ingredients and a little bit of creativity! Here's blogger Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez' quick and easy-to-prepare home-made s'mores recipe:

Ingredients: M.Y. San Grahams Honey crackers, marshmallows and chocolates

2. Ice Cream Sandwich by Anne Clutz

Summer is almost here. Let's beat the heat with something cold and sweet, like ice cream. But instead of serving it in a cone, be more creative like vlogger Anne Clutz. Here's how she turned a plain vanilla ice cream into a yummy dessert:

Ingredients: M. Y. San Grahams Chocolate crackers and vanilla ice cream

3. Graham Pancakes by Bettina Carlos

Do your kids love pancakes? Make their mornings extra special by turning your pancake recipe into something more appetizing. Here's how celebrity mom Bettina Carlos did it:


Ingredients: M. Y. San Crushed Honey Grahams, flour, egg, salt, baking powder, butter, vinegar, milk, marshmallows, and toppings

4. Brownie Balls by Danica Sotto-Pingris

Making brownies doesn't really require baking. This is what celebrity mom Danica Sotto-Pingris taught her cute daughter, who is a self-professed sweet tooth. Here's their quick, easy, and no-bake recipe:

Ingredients: M.Y. San Crushed Honey Grahams, brownies, cream cheese and white chocolate chips

5. S'mores Pastillas by Bitesized.ph

Those who always want a sweet treat as a snack or to cap off a filling meal might want to try making s'mores pastillas using this quick and easy recipe from Bitesized.


Ingredients: M.Y. San Grahams Honey crackers, powdered milk, white sugar, flour, butter, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and marshmallows

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