Phoenix Petroleum launches next-generation fuels for better engine performance

Phoenix Petroleum

Posted at Feb 14 2018 12:27 PM | Updated as of Feb 15 2018 06:48 PM

Nothing makes a person's heart beat faster than when they make a new connection. Be it with their crush or with someone new, a song, a place, or even with an object—there's an overpowering excitement that builds up when they make an immediate, almost natural connection with something.

For most people, driving has become second nature. The steering wheel, the stick shift, and the pedals have become an extension of their bodies, additional limbs that allow them to move, feel, and react to the world around them, giving them the feeling that they are one with their car.

When there's a lag in the acceleration of their car or a delay in its reaction, their bodies feel a jolt of uneasiness, like a part of them has been disconnected. But when their car moves, glides, swerves, and powers forward as one with them, a strong, pulsating connection between man and machine is formed.

Phoenix PULSE Technology strengthens the bond between a driver and their car by unlocking their vehicle's engine performance. Its advanced cleaning and protection properties for enhanced power and acceleration helps drivers enjoy a smoother, cleaner, and longer drive. It also gives energy and excitement to vehicles, to give more life to every drive.

Made with cutting-edge technology by world-class fuel experts exclusively for Phoenix Petroleum, Phoenix PULSE Technology improves every journey with its cleanup and keep-clean properties that help avoid fuel filter blockage for diesel-powered vehicles, remove deposits from fuel injectors, valves, and piston surfaces, and provide engine protection—resulting to better fuel economy when used continuously.

Phoenix PULSE Technology also allows fuel to run smoothly and burn efficiently in engines, resulting to enhanced power and acceleration. Even better, these high-performance fuels can be availed at a reasonable price so drivers get more drive for their fuel.

Proudly homegrown, the country’s leading independent oil company Phoenix Petroleum is introducing Phoenix PULSE Technology to bring its fuel products to a higher level. The company’s upgraded fuels provide consumers with more options that are at par with global standards and are competitive with the products of major players.

Available in all fuel grades, Phoenix Petroleum's next generation fuels are suitable for this generation's drivers, who are looking for a connection unlike any other.

By building a bond with their car, drivers can connect to more things and more people, allowing them to build stronger and more fulfilling connections in life.

Drive to the nearest Phoenix Petroleum station now to experience Phoenix PULSE Technology.


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