8 tips for aspiring Instagram boyfriends

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Posted at Feb 13 2018 01:37 PM | Updated as of Sep 13 2018 11:37 PM

Ask your girl to name her favorite social media apps, and there's always a big chance that Instagram is on her list. 

Some girls love posting portraits, and their photos are the reason that there's a #perfect hashtag on Instagram. However, these shots don't come easily--a lot of them were due to the efforts of a loving Instagram boyfriend (or girlfriend).

To keep photo-loving loved ones happy and cement your status as the perfect Instagram boyfriend, here are some tips to up your photography game:

1. Make the subject feel at ease 

The best photographers make their subjects comfortable during shoots. You should do the same. If your girl is at ease, it will reflect in the photo, cutting time and effort.

2. Be patient 

Sometimes it may take your girl a few minutes just to get the shot she wants. Stop whining or showing signs of boredom. Give her all the time she needs, and score points for your positive attitude.

3. Scout for the best location 

You don't have to always go to fancy places or travel far just to get nice photos. Sometimes, all you need is to take advantage of interesting colors, shapes, and lines to use as a backdrop, which are actually everywhere. 

4. Be faithful to the subject; keep your focus 

Always put your attention on what's inside your frame. Stick to your subject, and make sure she remains the focus of the photo. After all, she's more beautiful than that sunset you're trying to capture. 

5. Believe in natural light 

Take advantage of natural light for it is better than using your phone's built-in flash. Too dark inside the resto? Get a seat near the window or go al fresco. 

6. Wait for the golden hour 

The so called "golden hour" is the short time just before the sun set-- or right after sun rises. During this time, the sun emits a soft and even lighting that turns everything magical. 

7. Shoot from different angles 

Don't just stand there like a tripod. Try exploring different angles. Or, better yet, shoot from all angles and let her choose. You may also give her instructions as regard her pose or smile. 
8. Familiarize yourself with the gadget 

You don't have to be a tech expert to learn how to operate a camera. All you have to do is explore its different features so you can make the most out of its ability. 

It is also important to take note that one doesn't really need a professional camera to take wonderful photos. There are many smartphones like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro that can guarantee an effortless and professional-looking photography. 


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