3 festive drink ideas with a healthy twist

Del Monte Pineapple Juice

Posted at Feb 02 2021 11:15 AM

3 festive drink ideas with a healthy twist 1

Even though the holidays are over, the new year comes with a new calendar of feasts and intimate or virtual gatherings as people strive to celebrate every occasion with a bit of normalcy. 

When surrounded by delicious yet possibly unhealthy food, how do you maintain good health without restraining yourself too much?

In the Philippines, it is estimated that one in two adults today have borderline to high cholesterol and the leading cause of death among Filipinos is Diseases of the Heart and Diseases of the Vascular System. Being more mindful of what you eat and drink paired with a healthier lifestyle can help you manage your cholesterol levels well, and live a better life. 

Another way to help protect your heart and manage cholesterol is by drinking Del Monte Heart Smart Juices.

Del Monte Heart Smart has Reducol® which is a blend of stanols and sterols, clinically proven to lower cholesterol. According to a study, taking two servings of Del Monte Heart Smart daily may help lower cholesterol in eight weeks, when combined with a balanced diet.

It also comes in two flavors – pineapple and orange, in 240mL and 1L Tetra pack.

3 festive drink ideas with a healthy twist 2

While you can enjoy these juice drinks by themselves with any meal to truly get its benefits, if you wish to put a spin on it to make healthy drinks for any celebration here are some ideas you can try. 

Fruit Refreshers Beverage

Add a refreshingly fizzy drink to any meal with this versatile option. All you have to do is blend your chosen fruit and juice combination in a blender until very smooth, and top off with ginger ale and ice before serving. Combine Del Monte Heart Smart Pineapple juice with mandarin oranges for the best flavor pairing. 

For other fruit and juice variations, click this link.

Holiday Peach Sangria

Put a healthy and festive spin to your typical sangria by using Del Monte Heart Smart Orange juice drink. Simply mix red wine, Del Monte Heart Smart Orange juice, Del Monte sliced peaches, some simple syrup, and club soda in a punch bowl and enjoy. It is best served cold and with cinnamon sticks for an added touch. 

Check out the original recipe in this link.

La Piña Del Monte®-ni

Mix a cool and flavorful cocktail anytime with this recipe. It highlights the sweet pineapple flavor with the subtle heat of red chili peppers. It is a nice drink to accompany any gathering you may have planned with your loved ones.

Use Del Monte Heart Smart Pineapple juice for a healthy boost without minimizing the buzz. 

The full recipe can be found here.

Any of these drink suggestions can be modified and made alcohol-free, depending on your dining companion's preferences. 

This new year, as you find your calendar filling up with new celebrations and small gatherings, do enjoy yourself but do not forget to also think about your long-term health. 

Eating or drinking healthy does not mean bland and unexciting flavors. All it takes is some creativity and a product like Del Monte Heart Smart Juices to make any celebration festive and healthier. 

Visit Del Monte's Facebook page and website for more healthy drink recipes and to know how you can drink to better heart health. 

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