The Filipino Wonder Woman

Flawlessly U

Posted at Jan 31 2020 05:12 PM | Updated as of Jan 31 2020 05:54 PM


Life as a woman is not all it is made out to be in popular media. For most, they feel that there is limited space for them to open up and talk about the challenges they face everyday. For others, finding a platform to do so tends to lead to judgment, misrepresentation, dismissal, or all of the above.

Still, most women go about their days to work earnestly without letting the daily challenge of being a female bring them down. The same is true for every Filipina who spends countless hours working to reach the big dream while being true to who they are. More than just being a woman, she is a Filipino Wonder Woman who is ready to face whatever comes her way with beauty and grace.

In an unceasing effort to support the Filipino Wonder Woman, skincare and beauty brand, Flawlessly U, presents its new #NotAPrincess Still Flawless campaign which aims to celebrate the beauty of the everyday hardworking Filipina.

To cite some instances that everyday hardworking Pinays go through on a regular basis, here are some examples.

Overcoming the struggle of the daily commute while going through premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is no laughing matter. Yet women have to deal with this on top of exposure to harmful UV rays, dirt, and pollution. The skin is the first to get compromised when the physical symptoms of PMS surface and this, coupled with air pollutants and other irritations, can lead to intense breakouts. Add to that the hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, and abdominal pain women experience and well, it can just get a little crazy.

Staying fresh and chill while wearing uncomfortable clothes (and shoes too!), for a presentation is also one of the challenges commonly faced by women. Despite the stress from staying up late for last minute revisions or rehearsing spiels, women are expected to go out of their way to show up as presentable as possible for every occasion. Heaven forbid if a strand of hair is out of place or if she comes in all sweaty and amoy araw. 

The pressure and anxiety borne from striving for that much coveted promotion in a highly competitive environment is also a factor that that can disrupt a woman’s self-confidence. This is even made more difficult with the added challenge of having to overcome traditional notions of gender roles in the workplace. This sets boundaries to what women can do which often leads to frustration, discouragement, or sometimes overworking just to prove what they are actually capable of. 

Despite these, the Filipino Wonder Woman carries on. How she handles her everyday challenges is what makes her stand strong and flawless. That is why Flawlessly U lays out its Flawlessly U Papaya+Calamansi line (soap, lotion, deodorant, and cleanser) which works just as hard to ensure every Filipino Wonder Woman is at the top of her game every day.

Flawlessly U Papaya Calamansi cleanser allows every Filipina to look graceful and glowing naturally while efficiently conquering the daily grind; Flawlessly U Papaya Calamansi soap gives intensive moisturizing effect so that skin is hydrated and healthy-looking all throughout the day; Flawlessly U Papaya Calamansi deodorant solves dark and sweaty underarms that could hinder comfort in doing consecutive rigorous activities; and Flawlessly U Papaya Calamansi whitening lotion, which has the combined power of two potent ingredients—papaya and calamansi—brings smoother and fairer skin. It also has SPF 10 to help protect from sun damage and prevent skin darkening.

The #NotAPrincess Still Flawless campaign seeks to ignite confidence in every Filipino Wonder Woman so that she becomes a character of inspiration, hope, and resilience. By now it is made clear: the Filipino Wonder Woman is every Pinay who works with confidence and grace, staying flawless no matter the situation.

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