Pinoy Eats: Ice cream made creamier with carabao's milk


Posted at Jan 31 2019 03:42 PM | Updated as of Jan 31 2019 03:43 PM

Whether it's to give your palate some respite from savory dishes or your tummy a soothing snack, there are some unique ice cream available that pay homage to the Philippines’ distinctive flavors.

The addition of carabao’s milk to the Magnolia Best of the Philippines Ice Cream Collection makes each spoonful a richly fulfilling experience, especially for those looking for a cool and creamy treat that is celebrates the best of what the Philippines has to offer.

Carabao’s milk, known for its rich flavor and creamy texture, is a flexible ingredient—not only is it used in ice cream, but in desserts such as pastillas and main dishes requiring dairy as well.

It also contains many nutritional benefits, such as being high in calcium and protein, and contains less cholesterol than other types of milk, said the Philippine Carabao Center. Use of carabao milk also supports local agriculture.

Take your pick from these ice cream flavors that can complement anyone’s favorite dishes: 

1. Taro White Cheese 

Those who want a soothing treat can get Magnolia's taro white cheese ice cream flavor. Dairy lovers can indulge in the light taste of taro, combined with the sweet and salty taste of white cheese, in ice cream made even creamier with carabao’s milk. 

Magnolia’s Taro White Cheese has a base of taro and white cheese ice cream blended with creamy white cheese bits. 

2. Avocado Macchiato

What's the better final course: a cup of coffee or a bowl of fruits? With avocado macchiato, one can enjoy both in a single serving. The smooth flavor of the avocado fruit tempers the bite of coffee, making this flavor the perfect treat after a savory meal.

The Avocado Macchiato flavor features avocado ice cream made with carabao’s milk. The creaminess of the avocado ice cream is complemented by the addition of ground tablea bits swirled with coffee ripple.

3. Tablea Yema

Chocolate lovers will not regret getting a tub of this flavor. The dark tablea chocolate experience is intensified with the sticky goodness of another sweet treat—yema, making each scoop of ice cream made with carabao’s milk a complex feast for the taste buds.


4. Macapuno Caramel 

Those who enjoy macapuno treats will surely be delighted in a macapuno ice cream experience made even richer and creamier with carabao’s milk. Each spoonful of this ice cream flavor will be chock-full of chewy soft coconut bits with a swirl of caramel fudge.

5. Mango Dark Chocolate 

Need a two-in-one treat? This treat blends the Philippines’ favorite mango with decadent ice cream given a richer taste with carabao’s milk and strewn with flakes of dark chocolate.

What’s more is that it is swirled with dark chocolate fudge sauce, giving dessert lovers even more reason to indulge.

6. Mango Salted Caramel 

Those who like to mix and match flavors have the option to get a sweet-salty treat with the Mango Salted Caramel. This ice cream, given a deeper flavor with the addition of carabao’s milk, blends mango with graham cracker bits, and is swirled with salted caramel ripple for a mix of flavors both comforting and energizing.

7. Ube Keso

Love Good Shepherd’s ube? This famed upland product can now be enjoyed as an ice cream.

This ice cream flavor combines the velvety taste of ube, a favorite the world over, with the rich flavor of carabao’s milk, giving it a full-bodied taste made even more memorable with cheese.

8. Ube Caramelized Sugar

Those who just can’t get enough of sweets and fruity treats can satisfy their craving with Ube Caramelized Sugar. This flavor sees ube ice cream made with carabao’s milk blended with caramel shavings swirled with burnt sugar ripple.

For its Best of the Philippines Ice Cream Collection, Magnolia sources carabao's milk directly from farmers through a partnership struck in 2018.

This partnership supports the livelihood of farmers by guaranteeing regular purchase at a fair price while ensuring the sustainable use of milk.

Make this year even more unforgettable by indulging in a selection of unique flavors created to celebrate the Philippines’ unique culinary culture.

Make sure to always have a tub of Magnolia Ice Cream in meals with your family so you can make more happy and yummy memories.

Experience the creamier Magnolia Ice Cream now. Check out Magnolia on Facebook for more details.​

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