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Posted at Jan 30 2018 06:48 PM | Updated as of Feb 05 2018 02:51 PM

Every New Year, we look back on the past 12 months and make the resolutions to live our lives better and achieve greater success this year around.

We usually promise to eat less junk food, exercise more, and swear to prioritize our health.

However, when it comes to taking care of one's well-being, while following a balanced diet and becoming more active are great first steps, you mustn't overlook improving your hygiene and the sanitation of your surroundings, as these have a direct effect on one's health.

Fortunately, just the simple exercise of washing your hands can help drastically improve your health and help you achieve all your goals this 2018.

Like all goals, you can achieve them faster if you have the support of your family, colleagues and community. Schools, offices and even your homes therefore should meet the standards of sanitation to make your goals not only attainable, but sustainable!

If you're eager to achieve all year health goals, here are some simple tips.

1. Observe proper hand washing to reduce chances of getting sick

Today, the importance of handwashing is often neglected. Research has shown that 40 percent of illnesses can be prevented by handwashing.

According to reports, washing your hands can significantly reduce the risk of getting a stomach bug by up to 47 percent. In addition, poor toilet sanitation also predisposes people to serious health conditions such as acute gastroentritis, malabsorption, and dehydration.

According to a study by Price Waterhouse Coopers, absences caused by sickness amount to GBP29 billion in the UK, or equivalent to $43.85 billion (in 2015). In Asia, employees file an average of two sick leaves per year.

2. Protect others in the workplace

Proper hand washing stops the spread of illness, which is important in a school and office setting. Poor hygiene and sanitation may lead to faster spread of illnesses among students and employees, which causes absenteeism and poorer overall performance. So wash your hands and make sure your surroundings are clean. This will mean less sick days and more productive ones.

3. Improve your image and help build a good reputation

Practicing good hygiene and sanitation on a personal or wider organization level helps to maintain a good image. In the same way a dirty washroom reflects lowly of management, poor handwashing practices greatly affects how others perceive you. On the flip side, maintaining cleanliness and good hygiene help present a good image and builds business stability.

4. Help build confidence and boost morale in the office

In addition to helping improve image, practicing good hygiene and sanitation makes happier and healthier individuals, which means an overall happier workplace or school. See a boost in morale and productivity, which spells better performance in a student's academics as well as more business for owners.

By simply practicing proper hand washing, you can enjoy more healthy days and more time with friends and family, doing the things that you love.

Unfortunately, hygiene and sanitation are still the most common problems in the country, with about 50 percent of washroom users still unsure of the difference between "clean" and "hygienic." Thus, teaching personal hygiene, proper toilet and correct hand washing practices are important and integral.

Initial, the expert in providing the highest standard in hygiene, with more than 50 years of experience in the Philippines, ensures that Filipinos are not only protected but educated.

Through its slew of integrated washroom and hand hygiene solutions, Initial further strengthens its commitment to promoting clean, hygienic facilities that safeguard its stakeholders' health.

This 2018, make the commitment to become healthier individuals by practicing better hygiene and sanitation, and with the help of Initial, you can be assured to meet both your personal and business goals.

For more info about Initial's integrated hygiene solutions and its programs, visit the Initial website. You may also forward your inquiries to [email protected] or call (02)333 5888 locals 5860 and 5842.

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