Interior design trends for 2022

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Posted at Jan 29 2022 08:30 AM | Updated as of Jan 31 2022 04:28 PM

Welcome new and exciting beginnings this 2022. Create a fresh start by changing how your home looks. Bring in a refreshing vibe into your home and keep up with the latest trends not just in fashion, but also in your humble abode.

Here are a few home interior ideas for 2022:

Purity of extra minimalism

To kick-off the list, the extra minimalism is a type of interior that consists of an exposed floor plan furnished with muted colors, clean lines, and light textures. It gives emphasis to a space's refined elegance that offers visual clarity. Find the balance in this theme with marbled tables, light-colored furniture, wooden elements, and sophisticated decors.

Warmth of a nature-inspired home

Nature-inspired elements have always been a show-stopper in any space it envelops in. It projects calmness and exudes organic beauty within your walls. Incorporate an organic touch into your space and display different hues like green and neutral tones like beige, white, and brown. You can also add some wall decors and faux plants to spice up your space.

Grandiosity of velvet interiors

The soft, smooth, lush fabric of velvet infuses a grandeur feel into your interior space. Velvet fabrics also offer a lively and inviting ambiance. It can serve as an accent piece that elevates the whole vibe of your home without the overwhelming feeling.

Vibrance of 70's retro-inspired living

The 70's is definitely one of the most iconic eras in home design. It boasts vibrant colors, fluid shapes, artful patterns, and textures. The retro-inspired embraces a play on eclectic styles and forms combined with vintage-looking furniture.

Rustic charm of a cottagecore

If you are aiming for a more traditional yet a homey vibe, the cottagecore is an ideal setup to get. The white, wood surfaces, and textures can give off a rustic feeling in your space. You can also highlight some fresh florals and greenery accents for an added aesthetic value and character to your home. 

Classicism of French royal

Classic, elegant, and luxurious—the characteristics of a French royal interior composed of wonderfully carved wood, sophisticated fabrics, and sleek textures. This interior offers timeless beauty and redefines your whole interior.

Functionality of modern home office

The home office has been an essential part of a home in the recent years. It allows you to mix functionality, comfort, aesthetics, and practicality. Choose the best location in your home that you are comfortable staying in and fill it with the right office furniture and equipment.

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