How to identify a reliable employment site for overseas work


Posted at Jan 27 2020 03:48 PM

How to identify a reliable employment site for overseas work 1

Recognized as some of the most committed, dedicated, and industrious group of people, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are in demand worldwide. However, they are often vulnerable to abuses and scams. Most of the time, it has something to do with the employment agencies that process the recruitment. 

This is why employment sites play a heavy role in making sure that not only are OFWs in the best shape to work, but they are going to a healthy work environment most suitable to their respective skillset. This also includes protecting them from any abuse, while making sure they are physically, emotionally, and mentally ready for foreign residency.

Research the companies it features
If an employment site posts job openings of companies that have been previously noted for any wrongdoing or those rated with poor reviews, take a step back to carefully reconsider.

Employment sites who promote these types of companies, no matter which industry, are sites that do not consider the well-being of their applicants after the initial recruitment. 

Study its fees and policies

You might think that reading the fine print is a bit of a hassle, but in the long run, you will be grateful for the extra time you took to examine the recruitment policies as this will tell you everything you need to know about your application. 

A site that is completely transparent and is responsible for its applicants' welfare is the best site to browse. If fees are unreasonable, and its policies vague and filled with loopholes, it is a sign to look for another site. 

Compare salaries offered for the same job

While it is important to look for jobs that offer a high salary, proceed with caution when the pay seems too good to be true. Look around to see what is the standard offering for the job you are applying for and base your judgment from there. 

Read testimonials outside of its official webpage

It is always a good idea to read firsthand experiences to get tips from previous applicants. 

Sites typically post only positive comments, so make sure to check for testimonials apart from those on the official homepage to see if the site is really good or not. 

How to identify a reliable employment site for overseas work 2
Unsplash, one of the country's leading online platforms for Filipinos planning to work overseas, models a framework that observes proper measures in allocating and finding jobs for all its applicants. 

It promises to only display the POEA licensed employment agencies, and promotes a legal and proper recruitment process. This will ensure the safety of every applicant. 

New features on their website, such as specified job categories, will further help any individual looking for the perfect job. 

While a good salary is important, your welfare comes first. So next time you are on the lookout for overseas employment make sure that the site you go to is legitimate and POEA licensed and can link your abilities to a prospective employer that values skill enhancement, workplace safety, and appropriate compensation and benefits.

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