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Posted at Jan 26 2022 10:28 AM

Photo source: Pexels [LINK OUT
Photo source: Pexels

In a digital era where posting photos on social media has become a form of proof of life, digital filters can come in handy. You do not have to worry about looking plain and having unappealing selfies, these filters can do the trick for you. 

So, if you want to level up your feed, try these practical tips in taking photos using your mobile device.

Know your subject

Know what you are taking a photo of and what you want to highlight and focus on. Make sure that you get a full image of your subject and that your subject does not get cropped. 

Photo source: Pexels [LINK OUT
Photo source: Pexels

One helpful way to ensure that your subject is within the frame is to open the grid guides on your phone, which is usually found in the camera settings.

Highlight what matters

Know what you want to highlight. If you want to take photos that make you look like you have long legs, put one foot forward and try taking a photo from that angle; if you want to highlight your outfit, try taking a pose that captures your whole outfit from head to toe.

Photo source: Pexels [LINK OUT
Photo source: Pexels

Play with angles and poses. It is best to have fun while taking your shots.

Clean and precise

Make sure that your background does not distract people from looking at the subject. Find a wide, clean background and take photos that have enough space around, this gives a clean look to your feed once you post it.

However, sometimes you just feel that your mobile phone camera is not giving you enough justice, well maybe that is because your phone camera's lens is just not doing the trick or it may not have been designed specifically for your personal, cultural, and environmental needs. 

That is what inspired a mobile company to upgrade their lens and camera features. 

TECNO Mobile has leveled up its mobile lens and features to take photos that will actually highlight your true skin color, shape, facial features, and lines.

To help explain their latest development to consumers, TECNO Mobile has worked with the in-house commercial studio of United Kingdom's national broadcaster to produce a short film entitled 'The Future Lens: Looking Ahead With TECNO' to tell the story of how an inclusive mobile camera innovation brings people together.

The short film showcases TECNO's inclusive mobile camera technology for each user through its unique 'glocalization' strategy, detailing the work that has been done to reflect different communities.

The mobile company believes that consumers should not have to adapt to the technology of products but instead the products should accommodate the users' needs based on their culture and way of life.

In the piece, TECNO explains how they spotted and solved gaps between fast-developing mobile camera technologies and consumers' actual needs in various situations so as to meet the unique needs of local users, environments, and cultures.

TECNO Mobile stops at nothing to provide everybody a product that meets their needs. Photo source: TECNO Mobile
TECNO Mobile stops at nothing to provide everybody a product that meets their needs. Photo source: TECNO Mobile

For example, to optimize portrait imaging quality, TECNO has built a wide database that covers seven skin types and 76 skin categories at its TAVIOS Laboratory. So everyone, regardless of how they look, gets to enjoy cameras that know how to make them look their best. In the photo-taking process, TECNO's progressive algorithms will automatically gather information from users' environments, recognizing various opportunities for image enhancement.

"It is a great experience for us to work with BBC Storyworks, to share our insights and to tell the story behind our mobile camera development. The short film explores the meaning behind 'Future Lens', TECNO's key concept on mobile camera innovation - to provide more inclusive technology for everyone, creating a world with more understanding without limits," shares Li Jiangtao, Senior Director of TECNO Imaging Product and Head of TAIVOS™ Lab.

Richard Pattinson, SVP BBC StoryWorks is also delighted to work with TECNO in their short film. 

"TECNO secured our content production team superb access for interviews, including photographer Justin Amoafo, the frontline staff at TECNO mobile camera department as well as allowing us to visit the TECNO mobile phone manufacturing sites and camera labs. This allowed us to build a complete picture for the audience of what TECNO does and how they do it, as well as their goals for a more inclusive future," says Pattinson.

The company's glocal innovations has inspired the creation of an inclusive mobile camera innovation that brings people together. Photo source: TECNO Mobile
The company's glocal innovations has inspired the creation of an inclusive mobile camera innovation that brings people together. Photo source: TECNO Mobile

The smartphone brand is optimistic that emerging markets will continue to see the promising potential of mobile camera technologies designed to meet the real needs of every user, to the benefit of communities everywhere. TECNO, a rising innovator in the mobile camera field, is committed to advocating for the great variety of beauty standards, and aims to provide opportunities for users in emerging markets to express themselves through this technology.

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