Is detergent alone enough for your all-around pambahay?


Posted at Jan 21 2021 04:29 PM

Is detergent alone enough for your all-around pambahay? 1

The current situation has undoubtedly caused many changes in the world. One major difference is how most human activities are now normalized inside the comforts of home. This has led to family members spending more time with each other indoors. 

With everyone just at home, pambahay clothes tend to be worn longer. This can result in bahayrus (house virus) and bacteria build-up, which can then lead to bad odor. 

These bahayrus can latch on clothes anywhere a person goes, that is why it is best to be extra careful and use a fabric conditioner that can kill viruses and bacteria, so you can keep clothes free from germ growth. This will help you feel and smell fresh even in your all-around pambahay clothes worn all day. 


With every use of products like Downy Antibac, moms can be reassured of their family's protection against germ growth in their clothes for a bahayrus-free home. With Downy Antibac you can confidently say, ''Bye Bye, Bahayrus!''

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