How to stay active and feel bagets in your golden years

NESTLÉ Boost Optimum

Posted at Jan 20 2021 04:40 PM | Updated as of Jan 26 2021 09:00 AM

Getting in your 50s is an exciting transition, in fact, people are saying that 50 is now the new 30. It is a time when you can truly enjoy life at its finest without stopping the things that you love doing.

There is much to look forward to in this new stage of your life, but in order to make the most out of this period and be able to do things that you love, you need to be healthy and strong. Starting early and investing in good lifestyle choices will allow you to breeze through the experience and tick off things on your bucket list. 

There are many ways to achieve this like having an active daily routine and maintaining a positive, stress-free disposition – after all, there is plenty to smile about in the best years of your life. The important thing is to start investing in good health and wellness as early as you can. 

Diet plays a vital role in this because metabolism tends to slow down through the years. Not to mention the fact that people lose 10% of muscle mass each decade starting at age 50, resulting in the loss of strength or weakness. By making healthy food choices, you are sure to get all the nutrients and energy you will need. 

Another option will be to find a food supplement that can help improve your physical performance, supports muscle strength, boosts immunity, and promotes digestive health.

One such drink is NESTLÉ BOOST OPTIMUM. It is an active adult nutritional drink designed to address the needs of those 50 years old and above as it contains high-quality protein, probiotics and prebiotics, vitamins and minerals to address the nutritional needs of people as they age. It contains Nutri-ULTRA which supports muscle strength, immunity, and digestive health. 

NESTLÉ BOOST OPTIMUM also contains high-quality protein that supports muscle strength and can help improve your nutritional status and physical performance, when combined with physical exercise, in as early as six weeks (Reference: P. Abizanda et al. / JAMDA 16 (2015) 439.e9e439.e16).

Proteins, along with physical exercise, can help keep muscle strong, as they are responsible for maintaining muscle mass. There is a positive relationship between the amount and quality of protein ingested and the maintenance of muscles. 

NESTLÉ BOOST OPTIMUM is high in vitamins E, B6 & B12 that support immunity. It also contains prebiotics for digestive health.

NESTLÉ BOOST OPTIMUM is gluten-free and lactose-free. The vanilla powder formula can be easily mixed with skimmed milk, yogurt or sweet puree, or added directly to food, before serving, and it is recommended to take two servings a day for best results.

Stay active and healthy at 50 with the aid of good lifestyle choices, a well-balanced diet, and an active adult nutritional drink like NESTLÉ BOOST OPTIMUM. 

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