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Posted at Jan 19 2022 10:27 AM

Photo source: Toyota Motor Philippines Instagram page
Photo source: Toyota Motor Philippines Instagram page

Growth and lifestyle upgrades are part of life. Motivated people desire to always be better than they were yesterday to reach their goals and ambitions. It is a common progression to work hard at school to earn a degree, find a good job, and eventually be promoted to a higher position with a better salary. Some even become CEOs of their own company. It is simply part of human nature to keep on moving forward.

A mobility company desires to reward these hard-working people by providing ease of access to vehicles that suit every life stage: from the yuppie who just started working, the regular employee with a growing family to the adventurous manager who juggles work and recreation, and even the CEO who desires results for their growing company. Toyota Motor Philippines believes that getting around should not be a burden but a thrilling experience for every Filipino as being able to get around easily allows them to enjoy more time for themselves and their loved ones. 

Toyota Motor Philippines, through Toyota Financial Services Philippines (TFSPH), provides ways for people to drive their dream car by developing financial products that are tailored to the needs of every life stage. 

Last year, TFSPH introduced a unique new finance lease product with low monthly payments, inclusive of periodic service maintenance for the whole finance term, lump sum payment and end-of-term options. It is tailored to fit the budget of most young professionals and even those already earning a higher income but have their money invested in growing their business or their portfolio.

Called the Balloon Payment Plus (BPP), this product offers customers flexibility in their down payment, finance term, lump sum payment and end-of-term options. BPP enables customers to enjoy low monthly payments compared to regular financing.

TFSPH understands that people always strive for the better, so customers with the BPP have the option to pay for the lump sum to complete the finance term or trade in their vehicle and upgrade to a new one at the end of the term – leaving room for customers to get another vehicle as they move on to different life stages.

Toyota Motor Philippines enables you to own your dream car and enjoy your life to the fullest. Photo source: Toyota Motor Philippines Instagram page
Toyota Motor Philippines enables you to own your dream car and enjoy your life to the fullest. Photo source: Toyota Motor Philippines Instagram page

Several models can be availed through BPP. Those looking for their first vehicle and are just starting can get Toyota Rush, while the Innova is suited for those with a growing family. There is also the Corolla Cross that will appeal to the modern business person and those that are environmentally conscious. Finally, the adventurous ones can get their thrilling drives with either the Hilux or the Fortuner.

Customers on the lookout for their dream car belong in different life stages and have different financial capabilities. With BPP, the lease matches the current lifestyle of the customer as Toyota allows them to explore a different option for acquiring a new vehicle.

The mobility company also understands that one's mode of transportation should be easy on their finances to give people room to do more things with their budget while saving up for their dreams.

Young professionals who have just started to build their careers can put money in their savings while enjoying leisure activities for their age. Those who have been working long enough to stabilize their careers and finances will have the capacity to start or continuously grow their family. While those in high-ranking positions or those that have their own business can use the money saved from the lease for investing and other hobbies. 

Ultimately, BPP hopes to cater to every life stage and budget, helping every Filipino avail the car of their dreams with ease and comfort.

For more information on Balloon Payment Plus, visit its official pages on the Toyota Motor Philippines website and Toyota Financial Services Philippines website. 

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